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I was, of course, predisposed to like it. I know I love Gwen and Jack; I know I love RTD's writing in general; I know that I adored Children of Earth.

Spoilers for Miracle Day )
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Finally all caught up.

spoilers for 4x09/4x10 )
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spoilers for 4x01 )

I'm going to rewatch it this weekend and have more coherent thoughts.
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Yay! I'm one of the people who adored CoE to pieces, so I'm really looking forward to "Miracle Day".
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Found on my flist:
List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

I forced myself to only pick one per fandom and I'm still leaving out some people that I really love in some smaller fandoms.

Fifteen favorite characters in alphabetical order )
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I sometimes go to [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets to find out what people are freaking out about (and since it takes time to process the secrets, I don't ever get spoiled there, which is nice).

This secret made me crack up: spoilers for Torchwood Series 3 and the NEW Doctor Who trailer shown at Comic-Con; the spoilery one )
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My roommate who is at ComicCon let me know that she successfully transmitted my message to RTD of "you rock, CoE rocked, I *heart* you" (paraphrase). So. Yay!
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Spoilery (for "Children of Earth") interview with Russell T Davies right here.

I love so much that he knows what story he wants to do and he tells it without catering to factions of fanbases. mildly spoilery for the article )

Oh, and if Joss Whedon's famous 'I give audiences what they need, not what they want' quote pissed you off, so will this interview, as RTD is pretty much of the same school of thought here.
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The thing is, Jack isn't a good leader. That's not a spoiler and it's not related to anything in CoE except that it's just as true there as it is in DW and in all the previous episodes of TW. It's like saying that Gwen has nice hair (btw, Gwen has nice hair). It is, was, and likely always will be true. Unless she shaves her head.

spoilers for everything through Children of Earth )
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I'm totally going to be rewatching this when I get another free five hours, btw. Oh, and I'd love to read people's positive reviews of CoE if they have them. Because I kinda think that this was the strongest writing that Torchwood has had over the entire course of its run (though "They Keep Killing Suzie" comes close, but it only had to sustain for one episode rather than five), as well as containing some of the best acting.

more, now with spoilery )
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I was looking forward to watching all the episodes together. I purposefully have avoiding even checking my flist or any DW/TW related sites. And a community about a completely different show just spoiled me.


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