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So, I'm actually keeping up with a few different shows. I'm not watching them all in real-time, but I'm more or less caught up on several:

Supernatural -- On balance, I'm having a great deal of fun. I went into the show expecting it to be as problematic as it was when I left in S4 and it's actually a bit better, especially with women and queer characters. I talk about this show A LOT on tumblr. It's kinda funny, because I went onto tumblr for Teen Wolf but I'm all about SPN there these days. I love the main plotline and I'm increasingly convinced that the show actually means to have Dean come out as bisexual which is something I never would have expected, going back into the show again.

The Following -- I'm... hesitant to suggest this show to anyone. The acting is great and I like the cat-and-mouse, but the show is troublesome in several ways. content warnings, including some character spoilers through 1x05 ) So, like I said, hesitant to recommend it. But if a show about a cult of serial killers sounds intriguing to you and my rather long list of warnings/caveats didn't throw you off, it's worth a try.

Elementary -- is a place of joy and squee. I love the show to pieces. I love the way they're creating the relationship and I love both the characters. I really love how Joan, despite her technical job, was never a 'genius wrangler' and it's very exciting to see where the show is going with Joan and Sherlock's partnership.

Revenge -- this is my drama-soap place of epic feelings. Everything is so vivid and bigger-than-life. My one tiny thing is vague spoilers for last week's episode )

Once Upon a Time -- I love this show. I can't really get all that deeply into the fandom because I am not super-sympathetic towards the villain woobies. Regina is a great character but, man, some people really seem to cut her all the slack in the world (for rape, murder, kidnapping, attempted brainwashing of a child) while coming down like a ton of bricks on relatively minor infractions by the Snowings family. It's like being in Smallville fandom all over again, except even more extreme in about every possible way. But I'm going to continue to watch and enjoy the actual show.

lol, Suits

Jul. 13th, 2012 05:00 pm
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So, I mentioned that 'reminds me of Lois and Clark' thing in the last post. I just rewatched the first two episodes of S1 and... Harvey gently punches Mike on the shoulder as a way to get out of an emotional moment.

Lois did that to Clark so many times on Smallville. Whenever she was feeling uncomfortable with her emotions for Clark, out would come that kidding shoulder-punch that was supposed to tell Clark "lol, we're just casual friends tho". One of the big moments in the evolution of their relationship is Clark realizing what that action of hers means and that she was trying to hide from her deeper emotions.

Brought to you by the "ha, and I thought I was sorta kidding about how much like Lois & Clark they are" committee.
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Seen several places on my flist. And, wow, my current fandom obsession is... obvious.

Six ships you are into right now:
(defining 'into' as 'recently read fic about')

01. Damon/Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
02. Kirk/Spock (Star Trek)
03. Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
04. Kris/Adam (American Idol)
05. Caroline/Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)
06. Lois/Clark (Smallville - though I haven't found fic recently)

Three ships you liked but don't like anymore:
(yeah, they're all from the same show. Weird)

07. Elena/Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)
08. Jenna/Alaric (The Vampire Diaries)
09. Caroline/Matt (The Vampire Diaries)

Four ships you never liked:
(this one was actually really, really hard)

10. Sam/Jack (Stargate: SG-1)
11. Clark/Chloe (Smallville)
12. Elizabeth/Jack (Pirates of the Caribbean)
13. Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter)

Two ships you're curious about but don't actually ship:
(though I potentially could ship them, given the right factors)

14. Caroline/Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)
15. Katherine/Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)

questions )
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My primary 'shipping tendencies tend toward 'friendship first', with a couple of exceptions. My current favorite 'ship is Damon/Elena from The Vampire Diaries.

I think that the couples of mine that most closely align to D/E are Fraser/Kowalski, Buffy/Xander, the version of Lois/Clark that is specific to Smallville, and Doctor/Rose (there's also Joey/Pacey, but I'm disqualifying it because it's from another Kevin Williamson show. But I do love them).

general spoilers for The Vampire Diaries, due South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, and Doctor Who )
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As seen... lots of places on my flist.

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

I'm also including a snippet with each file name.

1 for The Vampire Diaries )

1 for Smallville )

23 for American Idol - Kris/Adam )

3 for Star Trek )

4 for Doctor Who )

Oh, wait, I found more (older ones).

1 for RENT )

2 for Star Wars )

1 for House )

Well, that was ridiculously long.
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So, new Vampire Diaries tonight and apparently they're going to re-air the episode again tomorrow and then the new Smallville will start on the 4th.
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Found on my flist:
List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

I forced myself to only pick one per fandom and I'm still leaving out some people that I really love in some smaller fandoms.

Fifteen favorite characters in alphabetical order )
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1. My sister-in-law just went into labor! That baby is going to be born very close to Christmas.

2. DADT got repealed! Woo!

2. I caught up on Smallville. very brief spoilers )
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I don't really have much to say about either Glee or Bones. But I do have some thoughts on last night's Smallville.

spoilers for Shield )
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Fall television came back! Yay!

So, first some random - watched two interesting parts of a series on PBS called "In Search of Heroes and Myths". I saw the ones about the Queen of Sheba and Arthur: Once and Future King. Interesting stuff. I did not know all that stuff about Ethiopia being one of the first Christian countries in the world.

So, This Week in Television, I saw:

spoilers for the premiere of Glee )

spoilers for the premiere of Bones )

spoilers for the premiere of Smallville )
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So, this upcoming season of Smallville is going to be the last. The show has had its ups and downs, but last season was really strong all the way through and, since they have that goal in mind, I'm hoping that season ten will be equally strong. It's the fall show that I'm most looking forward to this year and it might be the only show that I watch live.

So, while I'm here, I'm going to rec some fantastic vids that pretty much catch up anyone who has missed recent years and new developments of the show:

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar. Oliver McQueen. He's an enjoyable addition to the SV cast and this vid will show you why.

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked by [livejournal.com profile] sisabet and [livejournal.com profile] cappylicious. This is the Lois Lane vid. It's funny but with depth and growth. Enjoyable and bouncy.

I Want Your Wonderwall by [livejournal.com profile] bananainpyjamas. This vid is the Clark side of the Clark/Lois story. It covers how Clark sees her and how that's changed. Great use of an unexpected mash-up.
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House starts next week again, so I'll be watching that but, right now, it's just AI, SV, and WC.

Both Smallville and White Collar are making me extremely happy when it comes to the characters. spoilers through the most recent episode of Smallville )

My mom doesn't get USA, so I'm not watching White Collar when it airs. Just watched the twelfth episode; loved it. This show is just pretty awesome all-around so far.

So, American Idol had to switch up the girls' and guys' nights.

spoilers for American Idol's Top Twenty (Guys) )
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One of the things that I realized, reading through this Polanski thing, is that I've managed to miss all of his 'brilliant' and 'artist' movies without feeling as though I've been deprived of anything. Haven't seen Rosemary's Baby or Chinatown or The Pianist. Went through him at IMDB and haven't seen a single thing he's made.

I didn't actually know that he was a rapist when I didn't get around to seeing those movies (I didn't know until this news story broke) - and there are only a few directors that I can name - but I'm glad, all the same, that I've managed to accidentally never help his career.

Smallville is on tonight. I found last week's episode to be utterly delightful, with character development and interesting new people and lots of very pretty shots. I hope the trend continues.

Dollhouse is also on and I loved this season's premiere of that as well - thrilling and inspiring of many deep thoughts, plus there was fun shippy squee involved. tiny vague spoilers )
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Things that I liked: )

Things that I was less than pleased with: )

I'm so glad that I'm planning on seeing Star Trek again today (I know... fifth time). I need something thoroughly good to wash this bad taste out of my mouth.
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by Lisa Loeb

A celebration of the Lois & Clark storyline in Season 8.
(spoilers through 8x19 - "Stiletto")

(divx file 31.7 MB; zipped)

Many thanks to [personal profile] par_avion for lending space and to [personal profile] jic for advice and support. Feedback is always appreciated.

If you can't see the embed, the link is here on imeem.

*fingers crossed for a kiss in the finale*

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[personal profile] kuwdora had what I thought was a really good idea about posting Vid WIP/Dead-in-the-water vids that are either totally dead-dead or just 'unsure' dead but that people might be interested in. She's doing hers to celebrate the opening of Dwth, but I'm just doing it in general.

Here is my (incomplete) list of WIP/stalled vids, in rough order of how done they are:
Read more... )

First five requests will have the unfinished vids uploaded and shown to y'all.


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