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• Reply with "Fuck yes fierce ladies (and awesome dudes, too)" and I'll give you four fandoms.
• Write about your favorite character from each fandom.

[livejournal.com profile] fauxkaren gave me: Buffy, Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries and Angel the Series.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Seasons 1-5: Xander Harris; Seasons 5-7: Buffy Summers )

Doctor Who
Rose Tyler )

The Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert )

Angel: the series
Fred Burkle; Wesley Wyndam-Pryce )
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Thanks to [personal profile] giandujakiss for posting it first. So much sweetness.
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My primary 'shipping tendencies tend toward 'friendship first', with a couple of exceptions. My current favorite 'ship is Damon/Elena from The Vampire Diaries.

I think that the couples of mine that most closely align to D/E are Fraser/Kowalski, Buffy/Xander, the version of Lois/Clark that is specific to Smallville, and Doctor/Rose (there's also Joey/Pacey, but I'm disqualifying it because it's from another Kevin Williamson show. But I do love them).

general spoilers for The Vampire Diaries, due South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, and Doctor Who )
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I was never that into Spike. Or Angel, for that matter. My favorite 'version' of Spike was S7 Spike and it took about four years of Angel for me to get really attached to Angel. In the Jossverse, my sympathies tended to lie pretty firmly with the humans.

What's different about the vampires in The Vampires Diaries?

spoilers through all aired episodes of Jossverse and the Vampire Diaries )
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Found on my flist:
List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

I forced myself to only pick one per fandom and I'm still leaving out some people that I really love in some smaller fandoms.

Fifteen favorite characters in alphabetical order )
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Break the Dawn
by Michelle Williams

Friendships, family, and love helps with the dark times.

(avi file 37.2 MB; zipped download)

Or streaming on vidders.net: here

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[personal profile] kuwdora had what I thought was a really good idea about posting Vid WIP/Dead-in-the-water vids that are either totally dead-dead or just 'unsure' dead but that people might be interested in. She's doing hers to celebrate the opening of Dwth, but I'm just doing it in general.

Here is my (incomplete) list of WIP/stalled vids, in rough order of how done they are:
Read more... )

First five requests will have the unfinished vids uploaded and shown to y'all.
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1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

[livejournal.com profile] spiletta42 gave me the letter 'D'. Because she wanted to make it very easy for me.

Donna Noble (Doctor Who): I think that I fell for Donna when she calmed down on the rooftops of London and sat with the Doctor and talked with him. She gave him a moment to grieve, showed no interest in him sexually (which was nice because while I find Tennant incredibly sexy, not everyone does and it's good for the show to acknowledge that), and got miffed at him when he talked about her like she didn't matter. All the wonderful things that Donna 'becomes' in S4 she already is in that scene. Donna Noble is a good person, who is capable of standing up to (quite possibly) the most remarkable man in the universe. She's magnificent and always will be.

Dexter Morgan (Dexter): A funny and sympathetic serial killer. Before I actually saw the show, that description would have turned me off so hard. But he really is a very strong, interesting, compelling character. And, with Debra, he also has one of the few intense sibling relationships on TV that vibes as solely sibling-ekse, rather than borderline incestual. His relationship with Rita and her kids has been fascinating to watch. Brilliant show, brilliant character.

Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1): Oh, Daniel. SG1 is definitely 'the Daniel show' to me. Even S6 is defined in terms of his story arc. I love his mind, his passion for knowledge, his interactions with his team -- pretty much everything. I'm a canon serial monogamist -- I ship Daniel/Sha're, Daniel/Jack, and Daniel/Vala.

Darla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series): She was the first character on-screen to show us Joss Whedon's two BtVS rules: 1) the cliche is going to be subverted and 2) the female characters are never as helpless as you think they are. She ended up getting character depth and a great arc and some really fantastic lines. Darla was amazing and tough and a pretty damn good actress. She was true to herself when she was evil and when she wasn't. She told (what she believed to be) a priest scolding her for not going to church that maybe he should have visited her (as a prostitute).

Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter): I have a bit of a weakness for the bratty nemesis who was never as important to the hero as he wanted to be (see: MacDonald, Lindsey). While I think that JKR could have done more with Draco (and, in fact, any of the themes she brought up in the first six books), I'm pretty happy with what I got in Half-Blood Prince. He's snotty and racist and listens too much to his parents... but he isn't a killer and he isn't an irredeemable monster.

bonus 'D's for 'Doctor Who' and 'Dexter' )

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I forgot how much "I Was Made To Love You" makes me weep. Season Five spoilers )

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There are two people on my flist who are watching stuff for the first time (one of them has seen BtVS but not AtS and the other is watching both for the first time) and reading their posts has reminded me of how much I love these people.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The show that helped me realize I was attracted to girls (thank you, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amber Benson, in particular). I think, more than any other show, these shows are what have made me define what I look for in television. I said, once, that if you added up all the shows I was currently watching, it would equal the joy of a Jossverse show. This is still mostly true. The closest that I have come to finding a show that has given me as much giddy joy has been RTD's Doctor Who.

character squee, spoilery for both shows )

I just... I profoundly, deeply adore these people. That's all.

Also! I'm going to go watch "Once More, With Feeling".

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I'm missing Buffy really hard this week. I just realized the other day that none of the shows that I currently watch have gay characters (and only two that I can think of that have acknowledged the existence of us queers in a positive fashion -- Smallville and Dexter. Doctor Who has both positive gay images and complex, strong, good women, but isn't currently airing). For all that Willow tended to be my least favorite Scooby and I found her passive-aggressive and frustrating, I miss having an acknowledged gay regular who has gay relationships on-screen.

Buffy had its race issues (though, by the last season, they were getting a bit better), but I really miss its pro-feminist/pro-queer slant.

Specifically, the notion that women come in a variety of personalities (and shapes) and that this is good. That women can be friends with each other (that women can be friends with men). That women can be leaders.

I am... both hopeful and fearful of where Supernatural is currently going, female character-wise. spoilers through Supernatural 3x05 -- Sin City )

I'm seriously considering dropping Heroes because the gender issues are making me uncomfortable. I still haven't watched last week's Prison Break because spoilers for Prison Break 3x05 ).

Dexter spoilers for Dexter 2x04 -- See-Through ).


And, of course, spoilers for Stargate Atlantis 4x05 ).

Smallville is doing fairly well (when it objectifies, it does tend to objectify both genders). Bones, Numb3rs, and House have their issues but do not tend to ever actually offend me.
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Went to my dad's yesterday and stayed over, so I missed Buffy's Tenth Anniversary (also, got all the way to skip=400 on my flist before I saw familiar posts, so I'll be reading those for a while).

I didn't watch Buffy on its premiere day anyway, though. I actually started watching the summer after first season had aired -- I caught a rerun of The Pack and fell in love, mostly with Xander (some with Buffy -- she became co-favorite during season six and now I couldn't pick between the two of them).

I mark Buffy as my fannish beginning, even though I'd done things that might be called 'fannish' before that (I grew up on Star Trek and around fans -- my parents went to cons, my mom was one of the people who wrote in to help the original ST get a third season). BtVS was my first passion and one that has continued to last -- my love for the show hasn't dimmed, though it isn't at the forefront of my mind any longer. Buffy is the show that ignited my love for serial viewing -- for watching shows in the correct and complete order. It was the show that nutured my love of meta. It was what catapulted me into internet fandom. It was a safe place to live after my aunt died, my parents divorced, and I felt friendless, alone, and a failure at school.

I don't need Buffy the way I used to but, if anything, that leaves me more room to simply love it.
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So, I was thinking about all the television that I've currently watching and about how I'm looking for different things from all the different shows. And it made me remember how I felt when I was mostly just watching Buffy. Everything that I needed in a television show, I found in Buffy. I haven't found another show like that, so I watch many just to get the same feeling.

There are shows that I watch for the ensemble 'buzz', where there's a cast of characters who care and support each other, which include Numb3rs (with bonus Dana and Mr. Universe), Bones (with bonus Angel), the Stargates, and now Psych. House, Boston Legal, and Psych provide witty dialogue for me to enjoy. Torchwood, Prison Break, Supernatural, and Battlestar Galactica all give me that sense of epic horror pushing people towards and apart from each other. Smallville has a superhero learning how to grow up and place his powers in perspective with his life. And Doctor Who and Smallville both had/have a strong female character who is unashamed of both her strength and her femininity (I have to say that if SV didn't have Lois Lane then I probably wouldn't have picked it up again).

All of these elements that I now find (mostly) in completely separate shows were things that I could find in just one show. It's rather impressive how many shows it takes to cover the gap left by Buffy's absence.

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I, like many Buffy fans, have seen the cover for the second issue of what is apparently going to be 'season eight' of Buffy. Except, you know, in comics. Without Sarah Michelle Geller. When it comes to television and movies, the actors really are such an important part of the characters for me. So, while I might buy the comic on the strength of the cover, it probably won't become 'canon' for me, no matter what, because my canons don't generally cross media lines. Without Sarah and Nick and Aly and Anthony (etc.), it isn't really Buffy to me (ex. Serenity wouldn't have made it into my canon for Firefly if they'd changed the actors; Buffy the original movie is not in my canon for Buffy).

But I might find it an interesting possibility for how things turned out.

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Buffy Anne Summers
nl index link

Buffy is one of those characters that I pretty much adored from the first moment that I laid eyes on her. It was the summer of '97, the first season of BtVS was in reruns and I saw The Pack. I fell in love with her, this tough and caring girl.

Before I really gave a thought to what a feminist icon might be, Buffy was one for me.

It was through Buffy that I learned how to forgive and sometimes even love myself, because I learned those lessons with her.

Because of this, I will always defend her.

Five Specific Moments )

In any discussion of female characters that I love, Buffy has to come first. She's not the first women I've admired, not by a long shot, but watching her taught me so many things about myself and dealing with BtVS fandom taught me so much about the way the world treats women. Enough to know that the fight for equality isn't over.

Buffy Summers: strong, funny, and inspirational. And I love her.
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Calling the Moon
by Dar Williams

Love, magic, and a moment of grace.
(spoilers up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7x22 -- Chosen)

(divx file 42.6 MB; zipped
smaller zipped wmv file available here)

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paraviondeux for lending space and to [livejournal.com profile] jic for support and advice. Feedback is always appreciated.

imeem stream )

I know what it's worth
to tug at the seas
and illumine the earth.

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I love Buffy Summers.

It hit me again the other night. I haven't watched any Buffy in a while (it's the next series that I'm planning on rewatching with my roommate, though), so there wasn't any real reason that it was brought up (except, perhaps, that Rose reminds me of her a little, though Rose really reminds me more of Xander (contrary to what I've heard people saying, dude, Mickey is not Xander. Xander was all heart and brave stupidity, even back when we first met him. I like Mickey, lots, but he is not Xander. Rose is.)).

I love early-season Buffy, all round-face and trying so hard not to be as special as she is. I love late-season Buffy, with her sharper edges and the knowing that has eclipsed the wishing. I love her passion, her bounciness, her determination. I love her in Revelations, when I'm on Xander's side of the argument, and I love her in Dead Man's Party, when I'm on hers. I love her when she's broken and I love her when she's healed enough to stop the bleeding. I adore her when her heart breaks and she breaks my heart -- when she sends Angel to Hell, when her mother is dying and there's nothing she can do, when the world is hard and sharp and she isn't sure she wants to be in it anymore.

I love her in the moments when she realizes that she can't run away from herself (Prophecy Girl, Anne, The Gift, Grave, Chosen). I love her when she's fighting herself. I love her when she sits across Willow on a bed to offer her strength, when she tells Dawn everything she wants to show her, when she tells Xander that he's her strength. I love her when she's in love and she smiles with all the joy of the world in her eyes.

My girl, my beautiful, strong, amazing Buffy.

I love her.

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The First Cut is the Deepest

Circa Season Four, Buffy wants to move on.

(mpg file; 39.1 MB; zipped)

If you want, I'll try to love again.

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Beautiful Song

All love is unrequited, expectations hurt everyone, and friendship can be very complicated.

(mpg file; 49.14 MB; zipped
also available as a smaller wmv file here (yousendit link)
if you'd like the link renewed, just comment and let me know)

Understanding all you are
and all I am.

Beautiful Song is off of Adam Pascal's CD Civilian. Adam is also known as the OBC/Movie Roger in Rent.
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Without a Sound

The trick isn't to avoid the fall, the trick is getting up again afterwards.

(mpg file; 33.3 MB; zipped
also available as a smaller wmv file here (yousendit link)
if you'd like the link renewed, just comment and let me know)

She wore a beautiful dress
to her own death.


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