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It's called "Waiting for Christmas" and has 5 songs: O Holy Night, Holly Jolly Christmas, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, The Christmas Song, and White Christmas. It's $4.95.

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Kris Allen is doing a StageIt concert tonight. It's at 7:30pm central (which is 5:30pm PDT, my time). It's 'pay as much as you choose to' and half the proceeds are going to a music charity.

You have to have a good enough internet connection to stream the concert, which he's doing by webcam.

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Whether you've previously checked out Kris before or not - RCA is officially hosting a free streaming of his album (which is on sale tomorrow). It's here. It's absolutely free and the longest song is only 4 minutes and 22 seconds long, so it won't take much time out of your day to give it a listen. My favorite songs are "Monster", "Better With You", "Blindfolded", and "You Got A Way" (and "Turn the Pages" but it's on the deluxe album, so it's not on that list).

and into the review )

I really love the entire album as a whole. I think it's fun and strong and poppy with a nice edge of other styles mixed in.
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Because I find going to lyrics sites over and over to be intensely annoying, so I'm going to park the lyrics for Kris's songs here so that I'll have them to reference in the future.

Note: I need to double-check the BNS & KATA lyrics, because I also distrust lyrics sites. Also, I need to add the lyrics for "Should I?" and the "I'm Coming Over" snippets.

Pre-Idol album: Brand New Shoes

1 - Brand New Shoes )

2 - Beautiful Moon )

3 - Real World )

4 - Be My Lady )

5 - Running )

6 - Wastin' Time )

7 - Lovely )

8 - On Our Way )

9 - Wipe It Away )

10 - Land of Smiles )

Album #1: Kris Allen

1 - Live Like We're Dying )

2 - Before We Come Undone )

3 - Can't Stay Away )

4 - The Truth )

5 - Written All Over My Face )

6 - Bring It Back )

7 - Red Guitar )

8 - Is It Over )

9 - Let It Rain )

10 - Alright With Me )

11 - Lifetime )

12 - I Need To Know )

13 - Heartless )

14 - Send Me All Your Angels )

15 - From the Ashes )

Album #2: Thank You Camellia

1 - Better With You )

2 - The Vision of Love )

3 - My Weakness )

4 - Out Alive )

5 - Monster )

6 - Blindfolded )

7 - Teach Me How Love Goes )

8 - Rooftops )

9 - Leave You Alone )

10 - Loves Me Not )

11 - You Got A Way )

12 - Turn the Pages )

13 - Fighters )

14 - Shut That Door )

Unreleased and/or Given to Other Artists

Unreleased - I Don't Wanna Know )

Unreleased - Love Too Much )

Javier Colon - Raise Your Hand )

Matthew Morrison - Still Got Tonight )

Unreleased - Should I? )

Unreleased - I'm Coming Over )

Unreleased - Forget About You )

Unreleased - Parachute )
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I really like it. I think it's effective and fits the song well. And Kris is gorgeous.
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I have considerably more thoughts about them than I did about the guys.
spoilers )

Another Idol-related thing that I'm excited about is that Kris Allen's NEW SINGLE, "The Vision of Love", has been released to radio. Really hope my local stations add it soon. The radio version is just infectiously charming. I adore it.

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And they were awesome. Normally, after The Vampire Diaries, I talk on the phone for a bit with [livejournal.com profile] arabian before going to bed, but last night there was a live audio stream of Kris's LA show at the Mint and he had promised NEW SONGS, so I was doing that instead. And, oh boy, he delivered. "Monster", "Out Alive", "Teach Me How Love Goes", and "Better With You" were brand-new and never heard before. We've heard parts of "Vision of Love" and "Leave You Alone" but this show had new verses. Plus, he did a girl-pop mashup of Rihanna's "We Found Love", Katy Perry's "Firework", and Lady Gaga's "Just Dance".

youtubes of NEW SONGS, omg - seven embedded youtube videos )

Goodness, that guy impresses me so much. Great musician. Looking forward to his album being out so that I can hand over money for it.
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I was attempting to organize my livejournal scrapbook and was reminded of the existence of this picture:

I was so completely thrilled when this picture first popped up (after Kris's first performance with his band! 2009, the Miami tailgate performance where he premiered three songs from KATA). Lance was always my favorite member of *NSYNC (Justin is my second fav) and, of course, I adore Kris a ridiculous amount, so the two of them being in the same picture and talking to each other just made me so happy.
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Kris gave an interview and said that his single should be out in late February and his album should be out May/June. He's doing a live show in LA on the 9th of next month and should premiere some new songs there: http://www.themintla.com/show/detail/55320

I feel like I've been waiting for Kris's new album for forever. Really excited about his new music. At least two of the songs that he's been playing in his live shows - "Leave You Alone" and "You Got A Way" - appear to have made the album, plus a dance-club remix of a new song surfaced yesterday (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku_tzMJd3Jk).
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I'm just so pleased Kris showed his support for this cause. The Trevor Project has really been reaching out to help LGBTQ youth get through tough times & bullying without giving in to despair. It's a good cause.

I was near suicidal a couple of times as a teen and it can be really rough, trying to grow up and knowing that you aren't like everyone else. It helps a lot to know that there's a support system out there.
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I love Kris Allen. I hate Kris Allen's management. They are constantly doing things that are just, frankly, counter-productive. They don't sell him well and they don't seem to care.

And now they just let his official website expire: http://www.krisallenofficial.com/

Here's the notice that's up on the site:
NOTICE: This domain name expired on 11/12/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion.
This web page is parked FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy.com

You can set that sort of thing up to be paid automatically! That they chose to let it expire (or didn't notice that it was about to) is... yeah. Ugh. It's unprofessional.

Love Kris Allen but, man, I hate his 'people'.
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It was great, of course, to see all the people that I only ever get to see once a year. I missed having [livejournal.com profile] blacksquirrel there, but I got to skype with her for a little at the end of the con, so that was good. And rooming with [personal profile] revolutionaryjo and [personal profile] rhoboat is always wonderful.

Lots of great vids. Lots of variety in the vids in the premieres show. There wasn't one big fandom, like there can be some years.

The room parties were very fun.

I'm kinda still tired from flying out early in the morning and then heading to work, so I hope to have more thoughts tomorrow. I also hope to get a chance to watch the new Torchwood episode. I have it, but just haven't had the time/energy to watch yet.

Oh, and Kris Allen premiered a new song tonight at his concert, but I haven't had a chance to hear it yet. Apparently, it's a gorgeous bluesy love song.

ETA: I heard Kris's song. He's got such a pretty voice.

Here's a vid with pretty decent audio (once you get past the screaming at the front):

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Kris covering "Stand By Me". He sounds great.

embed under cut )
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Wow. That was amazing, y'all. Definitely better than the Fair would have been - never has a cancellation of a concert ended in such a positive way!

So, the Viper Room is tiny and we were so close to Kris. It was a great concert - he did tons of his older songs, plus the song that he premiered in Portland last year, plus a brand new song that doesn't even have a title yet. The chorus goes "shut that door and keep that devil out". It's a pretty catchy song.

I was mostly rocking out, but I did take some pictures.

And the rest are here: Kris Allen: Viper Room

Ah, someone has already put up video of the new song: embed under cut )

And this is what I think the lyrics are:Read more... )
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Craziness, just so you know.

So, I flew down to S. Cali in order to see Kris Allen performing at the LA Spring Fair. On Friday, Kris tweets that his show got canceled. But he had an idea. And he arranged a different performance place - which means that, tonight, I'm going to see Kris at The Viper Room (you may have heard of it as the place where River Phoenix died).

Will post pictures/review of the show tomorrow.
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So, I may have impulsively bought a ticket to see Kris Allen at the LA Spring Fair next month. Partly because I have the chance to meet up with some fandom people, which should be fun, but also because I have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off next quarter, so it just seems like I should take advantage of that.

And I love his voice.

Plus, I need to do something fun for myself. This last quarter has been killing me (I have gotten so many stress headaches) and I really need to have something that will let me recharge. And I've never regretted taking fannish trips - seeing Joey Fatone in RENT in 2002, seeing David Tennant in Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost, going to Vividcon. It's always worth it.

I will be getting into LA on Saturday the 16th and then leaving on Monday the 18th.

It's going to be my fourth time seeing him in concert. That might not sound like a lot to many people, but I have never seen anyone in concert that many times before.
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Kris Allen debuted a new song last night! That made my awesome birthday present to myself even more amazing that it had already been. The song is called "Leave You Alone" and it's an angsty bluesy number. Really good. You can download a mp3 right here: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmdpbsecla86kxg (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pretendhappyend)

youtube embed of close up video of Leave You Alone )

Kris is very sexy on stage. Lots of shimmying. He does this cover mash-up of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"/"The Way You Make Me Feel" that is excellent.

Saw him in the lobby after the show and he signed my Adam Lambert fanclub t-shirt and took a picture with me.

I'm still kinda overwhelmed actually. He was spectacular live. He's definitely gotten better since the Idols Live tour that I saw back in summer of 2009.

Some pictures; some additional commentary )

The rest of my pictures are up here (90 total): http://pics.livejournal.com/butterfly/gallery/000532g9
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Because Kris Allen's PR is doing such a bad job promoting him, fans are trying to take up some of the slack.

So, today, I'm gifting people with his current single ("Alright With Me"), if they like. I'm not sure how many I can gift (and I don't want to put a hard number on it when it might end up being more flexible).

Comments are screened, so please, leave your iTunes email address if you'd like me to gift you a copy of AWM.

ETA: iTunes only lets you gift people who are from your country, apparently. Because they hate money. So, unfortunately, I can only gift people who are from the US (or maybe if they have US emails/iTunes without being from the US? Not sure if that works.)
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So, I think that Kris is breaking up with his boyfriend in order to start a relationship with the shadowy woman, who he can't get out of his head. What do y'all think?
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I will be seeing this man in concert on July 21st:

Very exciting! I'm thrilled that Adam is coming to Portland.

I do, though, wish that this guy were also coming sometime for a concert:

No dates in Portland, Kris? You break my heart!

More videos from both of them under the cut - including Kris covering Paranoid Android by Radiohead! )


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