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Yes, for the first time since August, 2005, I have updated my website with fanfic.

Friday, January 2nd, 2009:
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So, apparently the first time I posted this, I accidentally turned off comments. Oops!

Apparition No. 12 by Thea Gilmore

River's waking dream.
(spoilers for the movie Serenity)

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Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paraviondeux for lending space and to [livejournal.com profile] jic for advice and support. Feedback is always appreciated.

I held the future up to a looking-glass;
it bears a striking resemblance to embers of the past.


Jun. 23rd, 2007 06:48 pm
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Serenity was, of course, brilliant. I won something at the raffle, too! A beaded bracelet and necklace. They will go perfectly with the shirt that I was already planning to wear to Club Vivid. Yay! Plus, I got swag from making additional donations, plus I bought a chalkboard mug (and chalk to go with it). And they showed JW's Equality Now speech before the movie. His 'strong women characters' speech that makes me cry (always, whenever he gets to the bit about equality being like gravity, being necessary to stand on this earth as men and women).

The movie made me cry five times (each time, I cry more and laugh more and just adore it more -- how does he do that?). Also, Simon and River are so Dean and Sam that it broke my heart. Oh, this makes me love both sib sets even more than I did before!

There was so much cheering and general wonderful-ness in the audience. I'm really hoping that this is a permanent yearly event, because it's so much fun.

And, now, I will go watch The Sound of the Drums.

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So, three of the returning shows that I'm watching this year feature pairs of brothers working together (Numb3rs, Prison Break, and Supernatural). A large part of why I'm watching the shows are because they're about strong, interesting sibling relationships.

Which brings me to a point -- where are the women? Where are the really good brother-sister or sister-sister shows? Joss Whedon should not be the only person in television capable of creating an interesting brother-sister relationship that drives the narrative forward (if you do know of any shows with strong, interesting b-s or s-s relationships, I would be thrilled to know about them).

The interesting thing (to me) is how Simon-River actually follows the 'format' of all three cited brother-brother dramatic relationships -- the younger sibling is the smarter of the two, the older starts out as/tries to be the physical protector of the two. The most straight-up example of this dynamic is Numb3rs, where Charlie and Don are pretty much set in their roles -- I doubt that we'll ever see Charlie shoot a bad guy to save Don, instead, he always uses his brain to help save his big brother (I admit to the possibility of being wrong). Supernatural also tends more toward this side of the scale -- Sam is the victim more often than not, the researcher more often than not, the one who went to college (each of the younger siblings is spot-lit in their series for 'having gone away to an important school' -- Charlie to Princeton at thirteen, Sam to Stanford, River to the Academy at a young age, Michael to Princeton).

Prison Break and Firefly each take a slightly different approach. While it's implied in Prison Break that Lincoln took care of the younger Michael, in the series itself, Michael is the rescuer of his older brother (who does still try to protect Michael, though Michael has, so far, always had it enough under control not to need Lincoln's help). In Firefly, we start out with an older brother-protector/younger sibling-protected dynamic but, by the end of the series (and into the movie), the roles have pretty much equalized, with River being the more proactive fighter.
Spoilers for all four shows )

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Possibly part of a series. Still undecided about that at this particular moment.

Story Title: Keeping Her in the Air
Author: Diana Michelle ([personal profile] butterfly)
Timeline: Post-Serenity (movie spoilers).
Rating: PG
Summary: River and Mal chat about Simon, Serenity, and travel plans.
Disclaimer: Created by Joss, fucked over by Fox, resurrected over at Universal. Not a jot of it owned by me.
Mal wasn't surprised to see River... (spoilers for Serenity) )

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I have rarely had as easy a time getting other people to enjoy a show as I have with Firefly (Stargate SG-1 is also a really easy sell, though). All I need to do is show the real pilot episode, and people get hooked. Ended up going through the first two discs of the series with a couple of people tonight, because they kept wanting to see more (and they've expressed interest in seeing the movie, which, yay!).

Which is a thrillin' feeling. Firefly is a show with such a delightful cast of characters. There isn't a one of them that I don't love. And it's wonderful to see other people fall in love with them, too.

So, I rewatched from Serenity to Jaynestown tonight (It appears that Simon sheds the vests at the end of Jaynestown. At least, it's the first time that we see him in that sweater, I do believe. He's starting to adjust to the black.). The character continuity really does just blow the mind, when they're watched that closely together. It all makes so much sense, the way it spirals around.

Love this show. Love these people. Love this Whedon, man.

ETA: Just went out to the kitchen to grab a bite and they're watching more (they're up to Ariel). Very cool.

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I started this vid quite a while back, then got sidetracked by Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. But seeing Serenity really reminded me of why I wanted to make the vid in the first place, so I've been working on it again since then.

Amusingly enough, in the last couple of days, another vid with this exact song has come out, though in a different fandom and using the song in a completely different way (see: [livejournal.com profile] lierdumoa's vid post here. Her vid is a Stargate: Atlantis S1 retrospective.).

If I Wrote You

Inara and Mal, and how they dance.
Spoilers only through the series end, Objects in Space.

(mpg file; 38.72 MB; zipped
also available as a smaller wmv file here at yousendit
if you'd like the link renewed, just comment and let me know)

Well, you know, the way I went
was not the way I planned.

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So, I've seen Serenity three times now. Each time, I've liked it better (and I liked it a good deal the first time 'round). It really is a movie that rewards repeat viewing. Spoilers for Serenity, the movie )

Yeah, I really want to see the movie again.

Many thanks to the people on my flist who had timeline thoughts. I'm leaning on the side of Joss not having the best math in the 'verse, as is common with writers. Though repeated viewings of everything in order may help me on figuring things.

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Title: Love, Honor, and Disobey
Author: Diana Michelle ([livejournal.com profile] butterfly)
Timeline: Backstory, pre-series, no movie spoilers.
Rating: PG
Summary: Mal absolutely forbids it, and that's final.
Disclaimer: Created by Joss, fucked over by Fox, resurrected over at Universal. Not a jot of it owned by me.
Which one of us is running this boat? )

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Not about the movie. There are zero movie spoilers in this post.

I can still remember the first time I saw Firefly. It's funny, I can't actually remember the episode (and I don't mention the title in my post about it), but I remember just being curious. Fine, I thought to myself at last, I'll go check out this new thing that Joss is all excited about, this thing that is more important to him than Buffy.

The characters that struck me on that first viewing were Simon and River ("fascinating"), the Captain ("is cool, I guess") and the first officer ("was interesting"). The next week, I decided that I loved everyone (Jayne, I hated "in a loving way"). I adored the couple that is Wash and Zoe, found Simon and River's relationship even more interesting, and noticed the gayness (shipped and still ship Mal/Simon). Again, I didn't note the name of the episode, but I'd guess from context that it was Safe. After this episode, [livejournal.com profile] girlfromsouth made me up a tape of the eps already aired and mailed them to me.
After that, I was doomed, really. )

Nearly two years ago, I said this on my lj:

Anything beloved is worth fighting for. Whether it's a person or a dream or a cause or a television show - if it matters, if it is loved, then it's worth the fight, even if you don't win.

In the Firefly theme, there's that phrase - "You can't take the sky from me," and no one can. No one can take a dream away from someone.

Firefly is a reminder to look up at the sky and see the beauty of the flickering black. Stars burn and explode, but their light lasts far beyond their time of dying. That's the way it is with anything that burns that hotly.

And as long as the show is loved, Serenity is still flying.

And look at us now.

We're still flying.

Oh, and on a related note, my mom (I saw Serenity with her on Saturday) just sent me an email, and she said this in it: "Guess what. Serenity is a HIT with our astronomy club! Everybody loves it and is going out to buy the Firefly DVDs."

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Ah, and for those people on my flist who haven't or can't see the movie yet, I'm putting all of my post-movie posts in a special Post-Serenity Firefly Stuff memory section.

Spoilers for Serenity (I love this movie, so much) )

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Side note: one of the things that I see, in pro movie reviews, are 'compare and contrast's that are about saying one thing is better than another. Most recently, several reviews of Serenity are saying 'so much better than the new Star Wars' flicks. This is a mindset that I can somewhat understand, but one that I most emphatically don't share. It seems to be based off of the zero-sum game -- the idea that love and appreciation are finite and that to love one thing diminishes the amount of love that one can hold for another, similar, thing.

Now, I only live in my own head, but for me, love is not a zero-sum game. Love is infinite, and I have found that loving new things only increases my appreciation for the things that I loved already. Ex. loving Star Wars gave me a whole new wave of understanding and love for science fiction in general. I tend to think of this as a good thing. I do understand why reviews would do that, as they assume, perhaps, that one can't see all the movies in the world and want people to prioritize based on their preferences. But this does, I think, explain why I'm not overly fond of movie reviews in the first place.

Main note: So, I have something of a rule. I do my best to appreciate things for what they are, not for what I wish them to be. How successful I am at that is debatable, but I think that it makes me happier as a fan.
Spoilers for Serenity )

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Still with the big spoilers for Serenity, and a bit more in-depth now )

I just... I love this movie so much, and I most definitely recommend it. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow.

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I have not a thought in my head right now but for Firefly, as Serenity has made everything else blow away.

Short but massive spoilers for Serenity, the movie. Seriously, do not click unless you've seen it. )

ETA: If you saw the movie in previews and wrote about it then, I'd love to know so that I can go see what you said. Because I'm going to go back over today, but there were a lot of previews for this movie, going back quite some time in the past.
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The show Firefly was murdered, pretty much. Aired out of order on a Friday night and then canceled for having bad ratings and replaced by Joe Millionaire. Then Firefly absolutely exploded on dvd. Because of that and because of the passion of so many people involved in the show (and also because Joss does have some Connections), Joss Whedon was given the chance to make a movie. A Big Damn Movie.

So, this really is so much more than just a movie to Firefly fans.

It's vindication for everyone who despised FOX for canceling the show.

And, more importantly, it's the dead returned to glorious life.

Joss Whedon is good at hit cult movements. Really good. He's very good at making something that is adored as opposed to liked. It's all about passion, and Joss' writing and his worlds inspire quite a lot of passion from quite a lot of people. He has a way of reaching down and tapping into a core emotion and just making you live it. I still can't watch The Body without calling my mom right after. Just to make sure she's okay and to hear her voice. The Gift still makes me cry like a baby at the end and Chosen makes me feel energised and hopeful even thinking about it.

Firefly is... I don't even have the right words. Just that the show makes me so aware of both the fragility of humanity and its bloody-minded determination. That, in the end, all you need to have a good day is to still be flying, to be traveling your own path with people who make the journey worthwhile.
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Because I'm tired and have no original thoughts, I will meme.

a. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch(ed).
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite character and/or pairing from each show.
c. When guessed, tell us why you like that character/pairing.
10 shows, all pairings and characters are now guessed )


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