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Spoilers for Queer as Folk UK )

QaF2 is about homophobia and saying, "Fuck it. I've had enough." About Vince telling Stuart that Alexander's father is dying and Stuart saying, "Good." It's about that feeling that I had back in 2004, when eleven fucking states passed measures to 'protect' straight marriage -- that fuck you, you assholes, fuck you all feeling (I can remember wanting to throw up). Not what I'm feeling today, right now, not with California doing something right. But I still feel it sometimes.

Sometimes, I am so tired of being queer and living in this world. Sometimes, I am so tired of being a woman and living in this world. Sometimes, I am so tired of being a person and living in this fucking world.

Homophobia. Sexism. Racism. Classism. It's out there. Sometimes, it feels like it's everywhere.

One man. One woman. I still see it on cars. People saying that fewer than ten gay characters over the course of fifty episodes of television is 'overdoing' it. The way women get discarded or mistreated in too many places and in too many ways to name. Michelle Obama getting called Barack Obama's "baby mama" by Fox News (or the button bullshit that was done at the Texas GOP Convention). This world can be so depressing sometimes.


And sometimes there are moments when the light seems a little brighter, because this time another person or group of people was willing to admit that everyone counts as a complete person with all the rights and privileges and respect that should bring. That's what California is doing right now -- making the light just a little bit brighter so that we can all see a little bit better.

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Every single RTD series that I've seen has given me those heartclenching "Oh, he loves you so much, oh!" moments. spoilers for Bob and Rose, Queer as Folk (UK), and Doctor Who )

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Street corner. Two o'clock in the morning. Getting a taxi home. Did Paul Cornell watch Bob and Rose? Or is that a line that RTD slipped in?

spoilers -- brings in some Doctor Who talk )

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His loneliness eats away at him, wears away at him, every moment of every day. Every second that his mind reaches out and he's the only one left. There's this silence, this gaping aching hole that was created when his people died. In the Confidential for Aliens in London (entitled I Get A Sidekick Out Of You), Christopher Eccleston says this: "The notion is that the Doctor's lonely and Rose is bored. He loses some of his loneliness and she loses all of her boredom, when they meet."

Rose is human. She can't fill that empty space in his head where the Time Lords used to be. But she can hold his hand and smile at him and things can be better than they were before he met her. That's enough for both of them, that she helps. One of the things that series one and two put a lot of focus on is what an empathetic character Rose is -- "These people are dying and Rose would care," the Doctor says in New Earth, knowing for certain that something is wrong with Cassandra-Rose (that something's been done to her) because she only worries about whether or not she'll get hurt. From Raffalo and Gwyneth to Chloe and Trish, Rose notices people, notices when things are wrong, and she cares.

She notices that the Doctor's hurting and offers her company. Knowing that she can't make up for the loss of his people, but willing to give what she can to help him. The Doctor is a soldier after a war, one that lost everything. Nothing can ever make that all better. But life can be made endurable, even joyous. Rose did that for him -- made him smile and flirt and care. He looked at her and saw someone that made the universe beautiful and vivid and alive again. And, as they say, that's not nothing.

Additionally, something that I said ages ago about QaF (UK):spoilers through Doctor Who 3x12 -- The Sound of the Drums )

Everything I needed to know about New Who, I learned from Queer as Folk (UK), apparently.

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Stuart hopes.
(Spoilers for QAF UK 2)

(mpg file; 36.81 MB; zipped
also available as a smaller wmv file here (yousendit link)
if you'd like the link renewed, just comment and let me know)

Can you read my mind?

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1. On the Way Home -- Real Life
So, every night when I drive home from work, I pass a church. Said church has one of those outside billboard things that changes regularly. Recently, it has been saying 'few people have ever repented of silence'.

This strikes me as a horribly short-sighted thing to say. There are many occasions when silence is the wrong response. If something immoral/unethical/illegal is going on, it is wrong to stay silent about it. I mean, hello, 'all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'.

I mean, they probably don't mean "don't rock the boat" there, but that's still how it sounds to me every time that I read it.

2. Straight Bar -- Queer as Folk (UK)
There is a moment of perfect music on QaF (UK). Well, more than one, but this one is priceless. So, Vince goes to a straight bar and it is his first time in a straight bar. And the song that is playing? Game of Love.

I will quote the relevant lyric for you: The purpose of a man is to love a woman and the purpose of a woman is to love a man.

How perfect is that? Vince is in the straight bar, everyone assumes that he's straight, too, because he's in the closet at work, and, of course, as the song reminds us -- the natural assumption is that he's straight. Because that's 'normal' and that's, well, the way it is. The purpose of a man is to love a woman. And Vince's presence there reminds us that the song is complete bullshit.

3. Last Six Minutes -- Queer as Folk (US)
So, I've downloaded and watched what I've been told is the last six minutes of QaF (US) ever.
Spoilers for the last six minutes of QaF (US) ever )
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For me, the fascinating thing about vidding is that it's meta, basically (except for constructed realities, of course). You use what the show gives you and you construct an argument.

Ex. #1: Angel=GAY!!!
You say, watching Angel, "Dude, Angel's kinda gay." And if you are [livejournal.com profile] sisabet and [livejournal.com profile] sockkpuppett, you then come up with Whatever, which takes that argument and backs it up with visual evidence from the show. And then people are very amused.

Ex. #2: Jack - Daniel = sadness
You say, watching Stargate SG-1, "Dude, Daniel's death didn't really help Jack's state of mind." And if you are [livejournal.com profile] barkley, you then create Pretty Angry, where we can see for ourselves that Jack is indeed not so cheery and that Daniel's lack of a sense of self-preservation may have contributed just a bit.

Ex. #3: Stuart + (Vince + Cameron) = Stuart - Vince
You say, watching Queer as Folk, "Dude, Stuart is so very in love with Vince." And if you are me, you then make Someone Else's Prayer.

Someone Else's Prayer

Vince isn't the only person here who wants what he can't have.
(mpg file; 47.9MB; zipped
available as a smaller wmv file here
comment to have the link renewed)

What I'd give right now not to even care
And then this could be someone else's prayer

In other news, the Narnia trailer takes my breath away. Just... the pretty. That is one seriously shiny trailer. It's a good year to be of the fannish inclination -- there's a Big Damn Movie in September, and now this in December, and I'm looking forward to Harry Potter and the Missing Comma as well. Plus, I'm very much anticipating the third part of The Siege (Stargate Atlantis) and the ninth season of SG-1, both in July.
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One of the things that I'm paying particular attention to this time around are Stuart's reactions (partly because I'm attempting to make a Stuart vid).

The show makes Vince's feelings obvious. If you only watch the series once, it's easy to believe that Vince's story of How Things Are is correct, is the way that Stuart feels as well.

But in the rewatching, lines and looks stick out more and more. The subtext is brought out of the shadows.
Series One: Episode One )
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So, rewatched a QaF vid -- Born Slippy (by [livejournal.com profile] silviakundera) which is a bit of a compare/contrast with the first episodes -- and I had thoughts.

Because they're all there, the differences. Right in the first episodes.
5 things that jumped out from watching the vid... )

Oh, and if you want to know about my icons/stories/manips, all you ever have to do is say and I'll babble on endlessly. No need for it to be 'on-topic' or somesuch.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] vamplover84 asked me to write an overview of QaF for the [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. I was thrilled to be asked and spent the last week or so writing it. And now, she's posted it.

Why You Should Watch This Show:
Far from being an excuse for gay porn, Queer as Folk is a finely-drawn character drama that centers around two men, their friendship, and the boy who changes everything. The dialogue sparkles with wit and subtlety, and the key relationship between the two leads is unarticulated love at its finest.

For the rest, bop over to Queer as Folk UK: An Overview.
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Thought about doing the 'ten things' meme, but I have a hard time remembering stuff like that. I got to fly a two-seater plane once when I was around 16 (left me with an intense adoration for the control of flying, though I've never pursued it -- may be part of why Jack O'Neill is so appealing, though). I've had a rhino brush up against a car I was in; it almost took off the right-side rear-view mirror. I've hand-fed a Sumatran Orangutan and handled a Burmese python multiple times. I saw Stephen Hawking live. Brilliant -- he was treated like a rock star.

I'm sure that there are other things, but my memory doesn't stay in lines.
Spoilers for all seasons of both series )
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In light of recent discussions on authorial intent, I'd like to make one thing clear -- I think that, especially in the case of television, it only goes so far. Because the writer is not responsible for everything that we see. There are tons of other people involved in the process, not the least of which are the actors themselves. Russell mentions that Aidan brought a 'thoughtful' quality to Stuart that he hadn't planned for. That's the sort of the thing that happens. That's why the Jack/Sam intent of Stargate SG-1 doesn't matter all that much to me -- the actors do not have romantic chemistry. All the writing in the world can't force something that isn't there and when the writers try, I roll my eyes. Actors brings something of themselves to a role and they end up changing it because of that. That's why Michael's Daniel had to evolve over the years -- Daniel's heart comes from Michael in the series.

The writer is not God, because the writer is rarely the final word.
An emotional overview of QaF (UK) -- spoilers for both series/seasons. )
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So, I'm currently in love with [livejournal.com profile] killabeez's QaFUK vid to Little Brother. And I'm watching it for the nth time and... in the stuff from series two (which I haven't seen yet) Vince looks just like Ewan McGregor. Bizarre, yet sexy. Seriously. Especially in the one where Stuart is kissing that other guy and then the camera focuses on Vince in the background, watching nervously.

Stuart, of course, never looks like anyone but himself. He's unique and quite lovely, he'd tell you so himself.

Anyway, I broke down and ordered the second series. If they do redo the collector's for region 1, I'll just buy it again.
The beauty of Stuart and Vince's friendship )
I really need to see the second series, which'll take a few days to arrive (free shipping and all). So much. It's such a brilliant show.
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Queer as Folk (UK) just has the most perfect moments.

In any show that I desperately adore, I must have a relationship to love as both a friendship and something else. Friendship with the edge of the physical. It can be nice to have that friendship actually transition to a relationship, but I don't need it -- witness my still pure devotion to Buffy and Xander. I adored their tumultuous friendship as much as I could have any love affair.

But, on occasion, it's nice to have that relationship consummated, as it was in Dawson's Creek. Which was utter teen soap, but, in the end and after much frustration, it was satisfying teen soap. Joey and Pacey had the perfect infuriating love. They were so good for each other, but they had to work through the poison of their respective relationships with Dawson and the ending made me very happy, thank you.

Before that, I adored Lois and Clark in The New Adventures of Superman.

And QaFUK... I just adore it. The fact that the ending was left wide open, but that love (consummated or not) between Vince and Stuart isn't in question. Whatever they do, they'll be together, whether it be as friends or something else.

That's the same sort of strength that I see in Daniel and Jack's relationship. In Buffy and Xander's. Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski's. They can piss each other off more than anyone else in the world, but they always have each other's back.

And I think I'll go watch a bit more QaFUK before I go to bed.

"It was good enough for me."
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I've just been wishing that I had the show on DVD instead of video, because I can't cap video. And I just remember that I did actually plan on getting it on DVD, only I accidentally order VHS and didn't find out until it arrived. Total shock.

So no personally grabbed V/S icons for me. I might eventually get it on DVD as well. When I finally get the last bit (Series two), I'll get it on DVD for sure.

Anyway, went through my email messages. So that's done. Still haven't finished going back through LJ. God, it's going to take forever.

I saw 8 Mile. With my dad. It was great. Great movie. He did a marvelous job. Rabbit!

Ooo! Love this bit:
Nathan: "Do you love him though? Do you love Alfred?"
Stuart turns away.
Nathan: "Cause you don't say it. You can't say it, can you? Look at you, you can't! Do you love Vince?"
Stuart: "All right, Nathan, fuck off."

Just boom. Don't go there. Love it.


Apr. 21st, 2002 04:15 pm
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Steph's was great fun yesterday. Still adore Stuart and Vince, but now I can see the adorableness of Justin instead of projecting Nathan's brattiness onto him.

Brian is so much more fucked up than Stuart. The scarf thing was so creepy. Dude. Just. Ew. And I definitely prefer Stuart's looks. (and accent)

Michael's cute, but Vince is much cuter.

I mentioned the whole 'taking my mom to the airport' thing, yes? She'll be gone 'til the 25th.

Bob(who my mom's with right now. In Arizona) gave me a field guide to Western butterflies. They're pretty.

Oh! I bought the new Allure, with my sweetie, Christina, on it. She looks gorgeous.
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I adore Stuart. Seriously. He looks like Scott Speedman and he has that adorable accent. He reminds me a bit of Justin. They both own their bodies.

Vince is a cutie. A bit confused, but cute.
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I just ordered the first season of the British QaF(I'll definitely get the second one eventually, which is much shorter, I understand.)

But, yay! Soon I will have Naked!Guys!Having!Sex!

I'm very excited.


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