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I was attempting to organize my livejournal scrapbook and was reminded of the existence of this picture:

I was so completely thrilled when this picture first popped up (after Kris's first performance with his band! 2009, the Miami tailgate performance where he premiered three songs from KATA). Lance was always my favorite member of *NSYNC (Justin is my second fav) and, of course, I adore Kris a ridiculous amount, so the two of them being in the same picture and talking to each other just made me so happy.
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Someone was asking me a little while back where to find *NSYNC fanfic and then I lost the thread of conversation. So, if that person is on my flist, today they are in luck: http://pinboard.in/u:butterflydm/t:xtra:archive/t:f:nsync/

Six *NSYNC fanfic archives. There used to be eleven, but I just double-checked the links and the others weren't still working. *sad face* But, hey, six is nothing to sneeze at!


Oct. 1st, 2010 10:53 am
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LanceBass Fun fact- 15 years ago today 'NSYNC began! First song? Star Spangled Banner. 15 years?! That's half my life! 2 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Fifteen years? Dude.

And they are still my favorite vocal group, even if they are on eternal hiatus.
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I'm planning on watching White Collar tomorrow night (yes, I know it aired tonight). I'm exceedingly excited about it. The show was so much better than I'd been expecting when I first watched it last season with only one true weak spot (it was Kate - her apparent lack of a true point and also her bizarre and unremarked-upon strong resemblance to the main female character, Elizabeth. But the utter awesome of Elizabeth/Peter/Neal overwhelms everything else).

Other summer shows that I'm excited about: Eureka (I know it already aired. I plan to watch it on Thursday. Yes, I'm creating my own arbitrary viewing schedule! Omg, I can't wait to see Henry again! He is my favorite. I love him.) and Psych (Shawn/Gus OTP forever. AND IT STARTS TOMORROW! THO I MIGHT WATCH IT ON THURSDAY OR FRIDAY. IDK.)!


I'm thinking of wearing my "I go to *NSYNC concerts for pussy" shirt. IDK, it seems appropriate in some fashion.
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I just realized that I'm totally the sort of person who gets offended and goes off and sulks. I mean, I knew that I used to do that (when I was a teenager, I was Dawn from BtVS) but I hadn't realized that I was still inclined to that sort of behavior when I felt hurt.


Well, it's boring to just overshare about one's personal faults, so I will now try to say something more interesting...

Yeah, I got nothing. My life is very full of work/school right now and I spend most of my off time squeeing over Kris Allen.

Oh, something that will be interesting to at least one person (she knows who she is ♥):

A picture of Kris Allen and Lance Bass! Talking to each other! )

I'm considering doing a 3D model of the inside of the (2005 era) TARDIS as my hard-surface model for my Maya class. Does anyone want me to share pictures of it after it's (hopefully) done?

I really wish that Kings had gotten a second season, because I really loved the first season, but the cliffhanger ending broke my heart so much that I can't even consider getting the dvd set.

I was randomly going through my photos and learned that Grace Park does, indeed, still take my breath away. So gorgeous.

Finally, the new song by Adam Lambert that just got released on (one of) his international CDs is so beautiful. It's called "Can't Let You Go". youtube under cut )
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Wow, stuff has been happening. It feels like so long since the guys have done anything.

Justin's new video premiered yesterday and enterprising people can watch it on youtube -- here, among other places. I find it... interesting, if a touch WTF. The song itself has been growing on me, as I expected (I never like any of Justin's song right away, but I generally end up loving them).

Also, Lance has officially announced that he's gay. I have had no doubts about his sexuality since the time he 'introduced' his new girlfriend on National Coming Out Day. He was always my favorite member of *NSYNC, so I'm really glad that he's taken a step that will allow him to more fully be himself in public. Good for him. Also, he says he's in a relationship this guy (Reichen Lehmkuhl, who has been out since he was twenty).

Incidentally, Reichen was in the Air Force for five years and has written an autobiography called Here's What We'll Say about 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' that's supposed to be published sometime this year.

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So, [livejournal.com profile] rositamia asked me why JuC and trickyfish would 'fit' together, because she liked the elegance in my description of Fraser and Ray's love. So, I'm going to go over why, in my head, each pairing is, in some way, a match. Or at least take a stab at it.

Chris/JC: One of the harder pairings for me to imagine. Actually, anyone else willing to field this one? I've got nothing.

Chris/Joey: I can see Joey just being able to *take* Chris' bitter humor. And not take it personally. And Chris is a cynic, and maybe being with Joey would help with that. Again, not one of my strong pairings.

Chris/Justin: Best friends make the best lovers. Which, I can see, in general, just not in this specific case. Still, no one can pierce Justin's star mask like Chris can. Which is worth a lot.

Chris/Lance: The Snarky Pairing. It's the sense of humor thing. I just see these two egging each other on.

JC/Joey: With JoeC, I always picture this great dynamic where each thinks that he's taking care of the other. Which would be true.

JC/Justin: The Mouse Boys. The Perfectionists. The Songwriters. The (almost) Solo Artists. The Leads. There's a lot to choose from here. They're probably the most equal in terms of talent (Joey is more of a Broadway man, in his soul, and I'd argue that he has the most flat-out talent of the group. God, he was amazing in Rent). Equals. Competitors, even if they'd never admit it. It has the potential to be an interesting dynamic. Though not one that I generally explore.

JC/Lance: Hmm. I can really only see this in the younger days, when these two were thick as thieves. Which, I may add, is an interesting expression.

Joey/Justin: Eh. I really can't think of anything here. Anyone?

Joey/Lance: Again, with the best friends thing. But they're almost too close for me to buy as lovers. They're so... best friend-y. I mean, yes, they could be 'hiding in plain sight' but they just strike me as... friends. Close friends.

Justin/Lance: 'My' pairing. This one should be easy, right? Only, it's hard for me to explain why I love them. They just. They're similar enough that I bet they can find much to bond together on, but they have many differences as well. They just... I. They. Meh. They make my heart shiver and my head tingle.
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Getting back into the swing of things.

*snort* Boy, I really make Justin sound like a class act.

It's Not Sex
Read more... )
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As in, flat-out 'this is why I love them so much' gushing.
So, let the gushing about their voices commence. )
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10 Things I Love About Lance...

1. He's like an M&M(or even Eminem, in a way). Tasty chocolate-y goodness surrounded by a hard, colorful shell.

2. He loves to watch things blow up.

3. He goes after his dreams, no matter how much people make fun of him for it.

4. He has a snarky wit.

5. He gets nervous when he has to sing solo.

6. The way he smiles when he really smiles, all uneven and beautiful.

7. The way he can look at someone like they're the stupidest person that he's ever met.

8. He's proud to call himself a "mama's boy".

9. He's always more comfortable when he's around his guys.

10. He can always touch my heart.


Apr. 2nd, 2002 09:11 am
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I'm listening to the commentary for On the Line and there's just so much cute.

And Em clearly adored Lance and Joey.

So. Yes.

My already considerable love for her grows.



Out of context, but still hilarious.

Re: Lance
Eric Bross: "He's not so straight."


Context: Talking about 'straight men' in comedies.

But still a funny as hell way of putting it.
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Thanks to fourteencandles for the idea.

Adult content -- sex )


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