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Heath Ledger, in particular, did an amazing job.

With spoilers )

I think I'm going to go watch myself some Doctor Who now.


Jul. 4th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Right now, in the flush of enjoyment, I'm half ready to call Hancock the best superhero movie around... or at least the best modern superhero movie.

It doesn't take forever to get into the story. It means for the hero to come across as an unlikable asshole at times so that he can grow as a character. And it uses its main female character in a much more effective and feminist way than Spider-Man, Batman Begins and the recent Superman combined.

It has an interesting story that takes several unexpected twists that took my breath away when revealed but made complete sense. The character development is wonderful for all of the main characters. The most rewarding part, however, is the complex relationship dynamic between the three main characters.

Plus, it has Will Smith (who is just awesome) doing his best acting job yet, Jason Bateman (who played the hilarious and brilliant 'relatively' normal character of Michael Bluth in Arrested Development) being a strong grounding force, and Charlize Theron as a powerful, likable, and complicated female character.

It's not your typical superhero movie. And that's what makes it so good.

*vague spoilers in comments*
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The only Neil Gaiman that I've read is Good Omens, his collaboration with Terry Pratchett (and his lj feed, which I have friended -- he's quite engaging on that). Seeing this movie definitely made me want to check out his work with more than the vague desire that I've had before.

spoilers for Stardust )

spoilers for Stardust and vaguely through S2 Doctor Who )
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First, though, I must share a disturbing thought -- there was a trailer for a movie (I don't remember the title). Tom Cruise is in this movie (sorta looks like a bad guy/antagonist) and... he looks hot. I got so used to him looking crazy! My world is askew.

And now, spoilers for the Bourne Ultimatum )

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So, I'm with my mom for Christmas Eve (I'll be with my dad for Christmas proper), and things are going well so far. Sammy came with me and he's had great fun getting to know new people. My cousin is here, along with his fiancee, who seems sweet, clever, and pretty.

Last night, we went to see The Good Shepherd. spoilers )

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Just rewatched this movie with my roommate and a friend and was reminded of how completely I adore it. I don't remember when I first watched it, but I did (and do) identify so strongly with Sarah and her journey.

For me, this movie is all about Sarah's Coming of Age, her casting away her dependence on childish things (without throwing away the right to enjoy them). I like the theory that the Labyrinth itself is real, but that the details are shaped by Sarah's mind (Didymus and Hoggle both being things she has in room prior to her journey).

We really get to see a growing up process, one about a girl, still not anywhere near as common as stories about boys growing up. We see her realize that life isn't fair (it just is), that you can't truly bribe or threaten people into helping you, that people are more important than things, that you have to test the walls to break out of a straight line, and that, though there is nothing wrong with dreaming, dreams cannot be a substitute for reality.

Sadly, though I watched this movie many times, I still had to discover all of those lessons on my own. Maybe we all do.

It's a lovely movie, one that had as much resonance for me this time through as it did the very first time that I watched it.
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So, I posted a vid at 4 in the morning today. This is, I have now decided, an insanely early time to post anything and I have no idea what I was thinking. It's a Doctor Who vid to a song called Into the Fire by a group called Thirteen Senses, and it spoils up through the season 2 (28) finale, Doomsday. It's here.

Also, I saw a movie called Heights last night. Someone on my flist recommended it because it has the delicious and talented James Marsden (Richard in Superman Returns; Cyclops in X-Men) in it. In his first scene, he's shirtless. He looks really, really nice without a shirt. After that, the movie just keeps getting better and better. It also has Glenn Close in a starring role and she is, as always, brilliant. Lovely movie. Highly recommended.

ETA: About the movie itself, I will say this --

It's about this group of people in New York and the twisty way the people know each other. One of the quotes from the movie goes something like this -- "Everywhere else, it's six degrees of separation. In New York, it's more like two."

It's about a mother and her daughter. About an upcoming wedding and an engagement ring that feels 'heavy'. It's about theater and art people. It's about half-naked guys and guys who are 'gay... and not gay'.

I don't want to give away any of the actual plot, because the way it all unfolds is so beautiful and well-done, but I really recommend it.

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Powerfully intense (I cried). Hopeful. Full of information, yet laced with humor.

It's a movie about the facts of global warming. It's narrated by Al Gore and features him heavily.

It is very, very good.

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I was hoping for quite a bit with this movie -- I wanted that sense of wonder and hope, I wanted the sense of caring, I wanted a bit of Superman's alien nature, I wanted Lois to be sparky and lovable, I wanted James Marden's character not to die, I wanted the kid to not be annoying, and, most of all, I wanted Superman.
spoilers )

And a very happy Canada Day to all the Canadians on my flist!
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My roommate suggested this movie to me, so we saw it this morning. I really, really liked it. It has Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, who I generally like, and they are really great together in this movie (despite being in something of a disrupted time romance). I don't want to give anything away about it, so I'll say no more. Just that I did really like it.

You can find the trailer here:

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So, I watched Underworld the last week (the first half on the weekend and the second just before this weekend), partly so that I would be prepared to watch the sequel with my roommate this weekend. Good move, as the second movie takes right off from when the first one ends.
spoilers for 'Underworld Evolution' )
So, if you like interesting characters and relationships (with a supernatural twist), and don't mind (quite a lot of) blood, I'd recommend giving the movies a try (if you just wanted to see the second one, they do give a kind recap of the first movie at the front of it).
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Thank you, everyone who has comforted me in the past couple of days. I'll... have more personal thank-yous later. It's still too close, right now.

The new icon is by [livejournal.com profile] depressionsgurl.

So, I went out on Sunday to see Rent again. Needed to clear my head, and the best thing for that is a dose of something musically wonderful (afterwards, I curled up and watched most of Singing in the Rain, which is sometimes my favorite musical in the world... it's so hard to pick).

It did really help my mood. I went in pissed off and upset, and came out much steadier. Not entirely, hence the home dosing of SitR, but much better than I'd started out. Though some sad things certainly do happen in the movie, the feelings the movie leaves me with are ones of hope for the future and the desire to truly appreciate what I do have.

I love having the movie. Because I don't have a terrific memory. I saw Rent twice in theaters, and I remember really loving it, but the details of the performances just aren't there in my head. Having a movie means being able to rewatch as often as I can (well, when it comes out on dvd), giving me to the chance to fix the things that I love most into my memory.
Spoilers for the movie and play. )

The movie satisfied me, even more the second time through. I'm probably not going to be seeing it in theaters again (though I've ordered the movie soundtrack), but I'm looking forward to adding it to my dvd collection.

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I saw both of these last night, one after the other (deal with the roommate -- I agreed to see Jarhead if she'd see Rent.). Quite a switch, though I was vastly amused to note that both movies take place in the 1989-1990 time frame. Also, both of them are extremely gay movies. Rent is, well, Rent, and Jarhead is a damn blunt and upfront military movie, and the military is one of those intensely homosocial environments. And when I say 'blunt', I mean that Jarhead is a movie that has earned its 'R' rating, so I give it a cautious recommendation. It's a good movie, but definitely not for everyone -- two groups of people in the theater we were watching it in left and stayed gone at two different points.

I really liked both of them, and both of them left with me this itch to read slash that doesn't exist, at least not in the kind of quantity and quality that I'm aching for at the moment.
spoilers for Rent )

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The movie Soldier's Girl originally aired on Showtime a while back -- I can remember seeing ads for it back when I was watching QaF with [livejournal.com profile] jic, so a couple of years ago, really. Anyway, I noticed that [livejournal.com profile] jic had it in her dvd collection and decided to check it out.

I've since rewatched it twice, and one of those times was with [livejournal.com profile] jic.

It's a really good movie. It's based on the true story of Barry Winchell, a private in the airbourne infantry, who fell in love with a transgender showgirl named Calpernia Addams.
Spoilers )

Exceedingly well-done.

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So, that church that I pass every night changed its billboard. Unfortunately, they changed it to "If your relgion doesn't take you to church, chances are that it won't take you to heaven." Dude, I don't want to be in a heaven with people who can't even spell the word 'religion' (and, yeah, there isn't a letter missing or anything. And it's been that way for at least a week now. Very depressing.).


Second thing:
So, I watched Shallow Grave, which was next on my Quest to See All of Ewan McGregor's Movies.
Spoilers for Shallow Grave )

I'm not in a fit state to talk about Katrina. It's... overwhelmingly horrifying right now. My family lived in Louisiana back when I was too young to remember more than fragments -- it's always been right up there with Germany for the places I wanted to see one day as an adult, so that I could remember them properly.
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I rented the first two seasons of Homicide: Life on the Streets from netflix, but knew by the end of the first episode that it wasn't a show that was meant for me. I liked some of the characters, and I did think that the Bayliss and Pembleton interaction was interesting, but the format, editing, and even the way they filmed the show itself does nothing but turn me off. I can see where it's a good show (much in the same way that I can see where The Lord of the Rings is a good book), but it's not my thing.

At Length:
And now, onto something that was so totally my thing.

I really liked The Island. It's not doing too well in theaters (Though, honestly I believe that part of that is because the trailer for the movie sucks so very much. It gives away far too much and it... is not a good trailer, otherwise, dammit. Seriously, if your movie is called The Island, you should not put the line "there is no island" in the damn trailer, thank you.), which might bother me if I had the impression that Ewan actually cares about how much money the films he shows up in make. Also, if I personally cared whether the movies I like are box office hits. I've noticed that my tastes run across the board -- sometimes I like the current flavor of the month and sometimes I wonder what the film industry is smoking.

I'm probably not going to see it in theatres again (there is a very short list of movies that I will see in theaters more than once and the list of movies that I will see in theaters all by myself is even shorter... hell, the list of movies that I will bother seeing in theaters at all is fairly short, to be honest, though I could spend hours watching trailers), but I already know that I'll want it on dvd so that I can rewatch in detail.

Recently, on my flist, [livejournal.com profile] inyron pointed to a link where a website informs us Spoilers! Spoilers for both 'The Island' and the other movie, of which the very title is a spoiler )

It... just... I do realise that the 'Warning: OMG, these movies are so alike!' is based off of very brief summaries of both movies, but still.

The plot of The Island makes actual sense. The characters make actual sense.

Maybe the directors/writers/etc of The Island should cop to there being a link except... dude, it's a sucky horror movie. As a person who has seen far too many sucky horror movies, I can understand not wanting to explicitly connect your film to... you know, a sucky horror movie that happened to have an interesting idea.

Clearly, I have no sense of copyright ethics, but we already knew that (ownership at all is a tenous and shifting idea to me -- sometimes I understand the urge and pull of being able to say 'mine' about something and other days I wonder what the fuss is).

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So, my mom got me tickets to a preview showing of The Island after I mentioned that I wanted to see it because of the, you know, tiny little thing that I have for Ewan McGregor.

Basically, I loved it. I loved the sci-fi, I loved the action, and I absolutely loved the characters. Ewan, as always, created a wonderfully comprehensive and understandable character, but I found the other characters fascinating as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing it again, so that I can process it.
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Asking me to choose a favorite Ewan McGregor movie would be like asking me to choose a favorite Buffy episode. Sure, I can do it, but if you ask me again tomorrow, I'll probably have a different answer (for the curious, my favorite BtVS episode of this moment in time is Selfless from season 7. Thank you and have a nice day.).

Today, my favorite Ewan McGregor movie is Velvet Goldmine. I can't remember just when I first saw it -- it was probably post-Moulin Rouge, when I felt my first feelings of adoration for Ewan. Regardless, it's such a fun, mind-twisting little movie.
spoilers for VG )

And for something completely different:

Sci-Fi Friday! Eeee! I'm exceedingly excited.

I'm also very much looking forward to the new Harry Potter. Fannish things, yay!
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So, I have two Ewan McGregor movies rattling about in my head, longing to be compared. They are, of course, Moulin Rouge and Young Adam.
Cut for spoilers for both movies )


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