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And he has one very clear point to make.

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At the request of some folks, I went ahead and did another cut of the Journey's End bit with the deleted scene, this time with extra footage from the Confidential Cutdown.
spoilers for 4x13 - Journey's End )
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So, that does exactly what it says on the tin. I know that some people on my flist were wondering how the spoilers for Doctor Who 4x13 - Journey's End ) The sound could be a bit better, but part of that is the sound that was available in the deleted scene itself.
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As I understand it, this episode is airing in the U.S. tonight. If you're watching it on Sci-Fi and are interested in my feelings about it, here are my posts on the subject:

Initial Reaction.
Specifically regarding the endings.
I had some spoilery fic recs.
I did a couple of vids.
I focused on a new(ish) character.
I had six random thoughts.
I had a realization about the Doctor.
I talked about words being said and needing saying.
I wrote about why I thought the Doctor made a particular choice
I ran through the companion character arcs.
I talked about the difference between a main hero and a supporting character.
And, finally, I went geeky over Bad Wolf.

Wow, I just couldn't shut up about that episode.
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Some random thoughts that I've had throughout today about the recent episode:

still spoilers for 4x13 - Journey's End )

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*taps fingers*

*glances impatiently at numbers*

*distracts self for two minutes*


So, now that the last episode of series four of Doctor Who is so close that I can almost taste it and yet maddeningly far away, I'll talk about what I liked and disliked in S4 as a whole and how it compares to previous seasons for me.

spoilers through 4x12 - The Stolen Planet )

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So, a huge part of the reason why I have all this time to watch stuff right now (and bang about on the internet) is because my school is doing a month-long break between Spring and Summer terms. This is definitely nice, on the one hand, because it means that I get to watch the finale episodes of S4 of Doctor Who without it messing with my ability to do schoolwork (because... it would), but I actually have too much time because I quit my job (for three reasons: a. more time for school, b. the 'moving closer to Portland in a couple of weeks' thing would make the commute really suck, c. I really kinda hated it) and school is out for a month.

Soap operas appear to have been my solution. Because I had no idea how addictive they were (and, of course, after I start watching them is when people mention this *grins*).

Also, regarding Doctor Who: I have no speculation. I'm not going to try to guess what happens next (though I'm enjoying reading other people's guesses). I'm just going to watch the story. Judging on previous evidence (three other television series, plus three+ years of RTD's Who), I think I'll like it. That's enough for me at the moment.

Of the things that I'm watching/have recently watched:

Alles Was Zaehlt: A+ for chemistry between Deniz and Roman; C for Vanessa (with a bump up to a straight B for the actress, who I liked well enough on her own); B- for recent plot developments.
As the World Turns: A for the chemistry between Luke and Noah; D for Ameera (B- for the actress, though, who I thought was really cute); C+ for recent plot developments.
Being Human: General A for overall excellence. A+ for chemistry between the three leads. Bumped off half a point for only having one episode (but more in Jan. Yay!).
Bob and Rose: A for plotting. B for Holly. A+ for Bob and Rose's chemistry.
Casanova: A+ for plotting (loved the framing device). A+ for chemistry between Casanova and every single character with whom he shared the screen. Bonus points for Goth!Naples.
Doctor Who (series 4): General A- for plotting. A+ for chemistry between the Doctor and Donna. Bonus points for recent developments.
The Sarah Jane Adventures: General A for strong plots, good characters, and intercast chemistry. Not an A+ because of the pilot, which wasn't quite as good (no Clyde!).
Verbotene Liebe: A+ for chemistry between Christian and Oliver; B for recent plot developments; bonus points for Gregor and Olivia.

ETA: Note regarding actors in the GSOB plots )


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