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Sleepy Hollow is already on its third episode. Man, feels like it started just yesterday.

spoilers through Sleepy Hollow 1x03 )

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a very long name. I will probably end up calling it AoS a lot.

spoilers through AoS 1x02 )

Elementary just had its premiere last week, so spoilers for Elementary 2x01 )

All of those shows are definitely staying on my 'to watch' list.

I haven't had a chance to watch Revenge yet. I kinda burned out last season on both Revenge and Once Upon a Time, but I've heard some good things about Revenge's premiere, so I'm going to try to watch last week's episode this Friday. OUaT, on the other hand, I think I may be done with. There are some things that I loved about the show, but S2 focused so much on stuff I didn't care about (mostly Hook) and the promo for S3 promises more of the same. Plus, I'm kinda in a place with that show where it seems like I disagree both with the show and with the most vocal part of fandom -- not really spoilers but still )

I watched and loved Orphan Black, though the finale had some underwhelming moments. I think there's a longish wait for the second season of that, but I'm totally there for it when it comes out.

I sorta watched part of S3 of Teen Wolf but I think our relationship may be over. It's so obvious the writers don't care about anything making the slightest bit of character or show sense. I just can't handle that in a show.

Shows still to come:

The Vampire Diaries airs tomorrow. Looking forward to spoilers for spoilerish news )

I'm also going to check out The Originals because, hey, why not? We'll see if it's any good! I do love Rebekah.

Supernatural starts next Tuesday. I'm both excited and nervous. It's been a weird thing, getting back into SPN fandom. Not the least of which is discovering that, these days, there are definite camps and I'm not sharing one with most of the people I was talking about the show with back when I was watching it during S2/S3. So, that's been interesting. It's also a fascinating study in how changing the showrunner changes the focus and, in the case of SPN, changes the genre. Kripke was horror, Gamble was character drama/noir, and Carver is action-adventure.

The last show that I'm waiting to premiere is Almost Human, which won't happen until November. But, hey, Michael Ealy and Karl Urban! Let's hope it doesn't suck.
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So, I'm actually keeping up with a few different shows. I'm not watching them all in real-time, but I'm more or less caught up on several:

Supernatural -- On balance, I'm having a great deal of fun. I went into the show expecting it to be as problematic as it was when I left in S4 and it's actually a bit better, especially with women and queer characters. I talk about this show A LOT on tumblr. It's kinda funny, because I went onto tumblr for Teen Wolf but I'm all about SPN there these days. I love the main plotline and I'm increasingly convinced that the show actually means to have Dean come out as bisexual which is something I never would have expected, going back into the show again.

The Following -- I'm... hesitant to suggest this show to anyone. The acting is great and I like the cat-and-mouse, but the show is troublesome in several ways. content warnings, including some character spoilers through 1x05 ) So, like I said, hesitant to recommend it. But if a show about a cult of serial killers sounds intriguing to you and my rather long list of warnings/caveats didn't throw you off, it's worth a try.

Elementary -- is a place of joy and squee. I love the show to pieces. I love the way they're creating the relationship and I love both the characters. I really love how Joan, despite her technical job, was never a 'genius wrangler' and it's very exciting to see where the show is going with Joan and Sherlock's partnership.

Revenge -- this is my drama-soap place of epic feelings. Everything is so vivid and bigger-than-life. My one tiny thing is vague spoilers for last week's episode )

Once Upon a Time -- I love this show. I can't really get all that deeply into the fandom because I am not super-sympathetic towards the villain woobies. Regina is a great character but, man, some people really seem to cut her all the slack in the world (for rape, murder, kidnapping, attempted brainwashing of a child) while coming down like a ton of bricks on relatively minor infractions by the Snowings family. It's like being in Smallville fandom all over again, except even more extreme in about every possible way. But I'm going to continue to watch and enjoy the actual show.
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spoilers (just barely) )

The big thing that excites me about this show is that it is, explicitly, about two characters who are going to change each other. It's all about how Holmes and Watson are going to have an effect on each others' lives, which means no reset button on the main character. I find main characters who don't change or grow to be an exceedingly frustrating thing (it was one of the issues that I had with House after a while).

I think this might be why I do still like teen-based shows (like Teen Wolf) even now that I'm not a teenager -- because those generally have to be about change and growth, almost by default, and I find characters much more interesting than plots. And for character interaction to be especially interesting to me, the characters need to change each other (potentially part of why, out of the canon romances in the Marvel movies, Tony/Pepper is the least interesting to me, because I don't feel like they do that for each other -- and why I loved the various Doctor & companion relationships in RTD's Doctor Who, because it felt like they all had a profound impact on each other). And I feel like I'm going to be getting that out of Elementary; that it's primarily a show about how Holmes and Watson becoming friends will change both of them and their lives.
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Very awesome that it's officially premiered now.

some spoilers )

Crossposting between DW and LJ has been on the fritz all day. Is anyone else having that problem?
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Because I saw this gif on tumblr* and I want it as an icon so badly:

(by gracelv, I think; it's hard to tell on tumblr sometimes)

*by the way, I joined tumblr.
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The fall television season is almost here. I'm planning on watching three shows (The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, Elementary), which is more than I've consistently watched in a while.

Super interested to see what will happen next on Revenge. I'm not thrilled about what happened in last season's TVD finale, but I'm still willing to give them another season to see what happens. And the Elementary pilot was just very enjoyable, so as long as they keep that energy and connection up during the season, it'll be gold.

What shows are y'all watching this year?

ETA: And Arrow! I was going to check that one out as well. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sperrywink for the reminder.


Sep. 7th, 2012 11:27 am
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I have a lot of Sherlock Holmes feelings. I hadn't watched any adaptations* until the RDJ movies came out, but I'd read the stories and I'd read meta about the stories.

I love the RDJ movies. I basically think of them as 'steampunk Holmes' and all the technology/science/'magic' goes into the "I don't even care if they got it right" pile. The characters felt like the characters, I loved the dynamic between them, and Mary was awesome**.

And that's the same place that Elementary hits me -- the characters and character dynamics work for me. They feel like Holmes and Watson. It's like a well-done AU where the characters still feel like the characters, with appropriate changes according to the world of the AU.

So, I'm finding the differing reactions to the Elementary pilot to be fascinating. It really does seem to be a love-it-or-hate-it show. I think this is the first time I've ever seen reactions this extreme to a pilot.

* with the exception of TV mini-arcs like Star Trek: Next Gen did with Data playing Holmes on the holodeck.

** Irene was more 'eh' to me. You know, I'm trying to think of a RDJ canon love interest that I'm into shipping with his characters and I can't think of any. I only seem to really like his subtextual stuff. Hmm. Maybe my lack of Tony/Pepper shipping is more about RDJ than about Paltrow. Brand new thought!
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So, the pilot for the show is going around, in the way that things do on the internet. I checked it out and spoilers )


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