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Sarah Connor continues to be an utterly moving and well-made show. spoilers for TSCC - To the Lighthouse )

So, the most recent episode of Dollhouse was written by Fain and Craft, who I last knew as writers for Angel (they wrote "Shiny Happy People" - ha! There's some appropriate background). Anyway, I recalled them being memorably awesome and spoilers for Dollhouse 1x07 - Echoes )
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Battlestar Galactica: I really enjoyed it, but don't want to say anything further until the (2-hour) finale next week. Except, spoilers for Daybreak )

Sarah Connor: spoilers )

Dollhouse: spoilers for True Believer )
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Because I just realized that it's been just about a month since I talked about anything else.

In the category of 'personal life': Read more... )

If you watched my recent trailer, you might have guessed this, but I finally got around to watching series two of Secret Diary of a Call Girl: spoilers through the S2 finale )

I started watching S3 of Dexter (I know!) and I've now seen the first two episodes: spoilers through Dexter 3x02 )

I'm caught up with The Sarah Connor Chronicles: spoilers through 2x13 - Earthlings Welcome Here )

I watched the S1 run of Merlin (with, in case there is anyone who doesn't know, Anthony Head (Giles!) as Uther Pendragon): spoilers for all of S1 of Merlin )

I also need to start watching S2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. I'm going to try to do that before school starts up again.
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Watched the S2 premiere of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In a word: awesome. in more words )

I also watched the premiere of the new show Fringe and quite enjoyed it. I was expecting to love the fact that Joshua Jackson was in it, but found myself just as fond of other parts... )

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The schedules for the 2008-09 television season have come out and I'm really amused by the fact that half of the shows I'll be watching are airing on FOX, the station that I said I would never watch again after what happened with Firefly.

my projected fall schedule )

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So, the first season of T:tSCC has finished airing and spoilers through the finale episode )

I really hope that the show gets renewed.

I also watched the first episode of the show New Amsterdam, which is about an immortal detective based in (of course, given the name of the show) New York (and he goes by the name 'John Amsterdam' because television needed yet another character named 'John'). Now, the main question to ask is this: what does this immortal detective show give us that others haven't?

spoilers for the premiere of 'New Amsterdam' )

Generally, I like it, though apparently the buzz isn't good on it continuing next year.


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