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The schedules for the 2008-09 television season have come out and I'm really amused by the fact that half of the shows I'll be watching are airing on FOX, the station that I said I would never watch again after what happened with Firefly.

Projected Fall Schedule

Monday: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Favorite new show of 2007-08 season! All of the main characters are amazing and I love their interactions and I'm so glad that they didn't kill Ellison, yay! I hope that S2 is as great as S1.); Boston Legal (for only 13 episodes, apparently -- it's their final season. I watch this show because I really adore Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt, but I definitely have my issues with it.); Dollhouse (starting in mid-season in the T:TSCC spot) which is (if anyone doesn't know) the new Joss Whedon show starring Eliza Dushku where we will get to see if Joss still does all his good writing stuff well and if he's gotten better at the other stuff. And, apparently, FOX is making a deal to have half as many commericals during this show as has become the norm. It'll be like watching television from the early nineties!

Tuesday: House until mid-season, when it moves to Wednesday. I'm torn about House, because I really love Wilson and House's friendship, think that Amber is amazingly kick-ass, look forward to the Chase moments, have enjoyed Foreman and Cameron a lot this season, and have grown very fond of Kutner and Hedley, but I kinda want to kick House in the shins a lot of the time (especially for the way he treats Cuddy and how the writers have her allow him to walk all over her).

Wednesday: Bones! Until mid-season, when it moves to Friday and House takes over its spot. I really, really, really love this show. So much so that I have nothing to say about it, because I just sit and watch and enjoy and feel absolutely no need for anything outside what the show actually gives me. Angela and Jack are adorable! Angela and Bones are such cute BFFs. Bones and Booth are so snuggly and friendshippy. Sweets is too cute. Caroline and Cameron both kick amazing amounts of ass. Zach makes me want to ruffle his hair. There is no bad here. Also, David Boreanaz is so hot when he smiles. Best crime show ever.

Thursday: Smallville which, at this point, you would have to rip away from me over my own rotting corpse. I love this version of Lois Lane so much. She's become my absolute favorite Lois ever and I really love the close and deep friendship that's slowly developed between this version of Lois and Clark. SV's Lois for the win, yo. Then there's Supernatural, which is currently on my 'maybe' list. My roommate and another close friend of mine are still really squeeful and adoring over the show, so that's one reason why I'll probably give it a chance in S4. I just... I really want to send the writers a copy of The Sarah Connor Chronicles (containing notes such as, "strong women are a good thing and not actually the root of all evil," "Agent Ellison living is also a good thing, think about how this might apply to your own show," "having a male character strongly dislike or even hate a non-human character in a female body without coming across as disgustingly sexist can be done" and "teaching your son to be a soldier while making sure he always knows you love him is possible.").

Friday: Numb3rs, which is a show that I watch because it's enjoyable and I like the characters. It's never a show that I have deep thoughts about or want to analyze, but Amita and Charlie have managed to go from "OMG! Do!Not!Want!" to "Aw, they're so cute," and that gets them some kind of prize.

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