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The schedules for the 2008-09 television season have come out and I'm really amused by the fact that half of the shows I'll be watching are airing on FOX, the station that I said I would never watch again after what happened with Firefly.

my projected fall schedule )

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I wanted to wait until all of my 'non-summer' television was over before I posted this, and Doctor Who had to go and air oddly, crossing over between fall-spring television nearly into summer. But now it's done and I feel able to sum up how I felt. So, in alphabetical order, what I watched this year:

spoilers for Battlestar Galactica )

Bones/Numb3rs )

Boston Legal )

spoilers for Doctor Who )

spoilers for House )

spoilers for Prison Break )

spoilers for Smallville )

Supernatural )

Torchwood )

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1. Torchwood. I've seen some negative responses to it, both on my flist and in various other places online, but I've gotten to a place where that's not making me doubt my own reaction to the show, which has been overwhelmingly positive. I love the characters, I love the dynamics, I love where they seem to be going.

2. Lois Lane on Smallville. In fact, the two episodes without Lois have been my least favorite this year. I don't know if that's actually attributable to Lois or if it's just because Fallout (weak guest acting) and Static (bad A&B plot mixing) weren't as good as the other episodes, but I do know that I'm loving every moment that she's onscreen and she's very close to being my favorite Lois Lane ever. She's everything that Lois should be -- she kicks ass, talks a hard game, and has a tough attitude with a soft underbelly that she tries so hard to hide. And, on a similar note, Oliver Queen is a terrific character. I'm really enjoying him.

3. Rewatching Season 2/28 of Doctor Who on Sci-fi. I adore Rose Tyler, even more in S2 than in S1 (which makes me something of a rarity, as I understand). I love her storylines in both seasons, but her chemistry with the tenth Doctor is a bit more powerful and playful than her chemistry with the ninth and I just flat-out adore Rose with her Doctor (I do see Ten as her Doctor, more so than Nine -- Nine was the shell-shocked war survivor, who was clinging as much as he was loving). Plus, I *heart* the kicky shorter hair. Love her S2 haircut.

4. Boston Legal. This show is on so much crack, but it's amazingly high-quality. Great acting, wonderfully funny but with a strong heart. It has three really great female characters right now, one of them being played by Candice Bergen</td> (Murphy Brown). It has James Spader as Alan Shore, the best lawyer ever! And William Shatner! Who has both funny and touching storylines. Wonderful, wonderful show.

5. Eureka, which is making me regret not watching it air live. It's a really great show, with tons of smart and capable characters. There's an interesting father&daughter relationship, great character dynamics, a lot of diversity. All-around goodness, really. I've seen up to Right as Raynes, which... made me cry at the end... just a little. I'm just really loving the show.

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I've now seen to the end of the fourth disc and am waiting impatiently for the final disc of the season. This show is totally crack -- once you start watching, you seriously do not want to stop. And when you have to stop, there's this horrible sinking "Oh, no!" feeling. Just like when I was mainlining Stargate for the first time (hmm... there's a James Spader connection there through the movie).

It's just a quality show. And a whole lot of that is about Alan Shore. He's... complicated. Utterly ruthless in his cases, but with very true ideals (that he's very aware he doesn't live up to). Fascinatingly direct and honorable in his interactions with women. He's a powerful, funny, smart, sexy character. And he has this amazingly deep friendship with Denny Crane that just delights me.

Lovely character. Lovely show.

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Three things.

Item 1: Alan Shore is the most effective lawyer in the universe (also, he is made of awesome). )

Item 2: Willam Shatner! On TV! Being funny with touches of drama (and melodrama)! )

Item 3: Interesting editing! In particular, I love how they enter a scene by giving us about three really fast closeups of objects in the scene before taking to the big picture. It's a technique that I haven't seen much before (if ever) and I find it very intriguing and effective.

In short, I have totally found a new show to love. Yay!


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