May. 19th, 2008

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First, the bad thing:

Supernatural has majorly disappointed me with its treatment of women in S3. [ profile] trollprincess helpfully went through all three seasons of the show and the jump in sexist language in the third season is glaring. [ profile] marinarusalka went through the one-shot female characters in S3 to further illustrate how the narrowing outlook of the show has limited the choices of the female characters. I was so in love with this show at the beginning of S3. In seasons one and two, I felt like Dean Winchester (and, by extension, the show) respected and liked women as well as lusted after them. After S3, I don't feel that way anymore (basically, I agree completely with what [ profile] esorlehcar says here). Oh, Show, I want to love you again, but if you keep slinging the word 'bitch' around like you did this season, I'm giving you your walking papers.

Now, a good thing:

Pretty gay men on soap operas. I had never before known the joy of pretty gay men on soap operas but my eyes have been opened in the past few days. Here are Luke and Noah from As the World Turns kissing for the first time, the second time, and the long-awaited third time. Here are Oliver and Christian from Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) with kissing (at 5:30 -- I think I find the pause before the kiss even sexier than the kiss itself), nervous first-time making out, Christian dreaming of Oliver kissing him, and making out with bonus shirt removal (at 4:00). I called in to support Luke and Noah's storyline on As the World Turns and got this awesome gay kissing in return. Score.


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