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AoS is really picking up steam for me. I just like everyone and it makes me happy. I don't have any deep thoughts at the moment, but I'm having fun.

Supernatural: Wow. I'm c/ping what I wrote on tumblr for this. Burning angel wings as the title card. Gorgeous and painful.

Ah, so Dean-in-the-car and Bobby-in-the-car are Sam putting faces on different parts of himself. Oh, that puts a different spin on ‘Dean’ being all “we’re not worrying about Cas right now” — it was actually Sam. Actual-Dean seems plenty able to worry about both. And it was so awesome how he was 100% looking out for both of them and not willing to give up on either. That the show made a point of having the angels try to beat Dean into betraying Cas for Sam’s sake and it doesn’t work… yes.

It’s also really awesome and illuminating to get this extended look into Sam’s headspace.

And the paralleling of Hael asking Castiel to let her in with Ezekiel asking Sam to let him in — nicely done. It makes Sam saying ‘yes’ feel very ominous, even though I do believe that Ezekiel is genuine in wanting to help, since Cas vetted him and all. I’m going to miss Tahmoh, but this has so much awesomesauce potential.

Okay, so the characters.

Sam: He was ready to die (still, actually, since he was ready to die in the church) and it was, again, only Dean protesting that he needs Sam to be alive that kept Sam from letting himself die. He is, literally, living for Dean.

Dean: He defines himself by his brotherly relationship, still, believing he is nothing/a failure if he fails those he loves. And he doesn’t realize how much he is in addition to being Sam’s big brother/father figure.

Cas: This only served to make clear how much he’s failed heaven. Oh, but, wow, was that Hael stuff awesome or what? Anyway, he wants to help Heaven but his heart is definitely still with Dean — as soon as Dean and he talk, he’s off his plan of helping Hael.

This is some really great set-up.

I really love terrible situations where a character makes a choice that is horrifically morally wrong but the other option is simply unthinkable (to them). The moment I started liking Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series) was in the final episode of S4, when he betrayed his friends in order to save his son and give him a normal life. It was a terrible, awful choice — the wrong thing for a completely understandable reason. He couldn’t not choose saving Connor over everything else, not after how much he’d failed his son before. I finally understood Angel. And it made me go from being generally ‘meh’ on the guy to genuinely loving him.

So, I’m incredibly excited about Dean’s choice and the way he allowed Sam to be tricked into making it, too — because it was Dean making the choice, not Sam. I’m super-excited about the upcoming fall-out. Just. I am excited about how this will pan out.


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