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I started crying in the first five minutes.

Oh, littlest Gilbert. Jeremy. Ugh. I still haven't processed fully. I don't blame Elena for burning down the house.

I started wondering about Silas using Shane's image as a cover and then Rebekah came across his not-quite-dead body and I was all 'called it'. Any excuse to use that actor more is fine with me; he's great.

The "sire bond" continues to make no sense. Damon tells Elena to calm down, she ignores him. He then offers her a lifeline to helping herself and couches it in terms of "this will make me happy" and she does it -- is this supposed to be proof? Because I am 10000% sure that Elena would have taken that lifeline whether or not a 'sire bond' was in place.

Alternatively, if the sire bond only works when Damon expressly tells her "this is what I want", then it's basically the easiest thing to get around in the world and Stefan and Caroline are making a big fuss over nothing because literally the only thing Damon has to do is avoid that one sentence. Which is... completely different than the situation was with Charlotte and completely different than everyone acts like it is. Either this is the shoddiest world-building ever on a super-key element of the show or... it's fake.

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Date: 2013-02-23 08:49 pm (UTC)
alchemise: Vampire Diaries: Elena, Stefan, Damon (VD: 3)
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I agree, the sire bond makes no sense at all. It has to be fake. Either that or the writers have lost all ability to tell a coherent plot, but I just can't believe that.


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