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I'm having. Ah. I'm... well. Okay, so I joined tumblr, as previously mentioned at some point. Joining tumblr has meant that I've been seeing. Well. Gifs. And. Okay.

When I stopped watching Supernatural, Castiel had only just recently shown up. I was more of a Sam-fan than a Dean-fan. I read Wincest partly because the show had this interesting claustrophobic vibe and that really seemed to sum it up more than anything else did (and the actors had chemistry and the fanfic writers were good).

Anyway, the point is that I stopped watching the show before Dean/Castiel became a thing. And then I joined tumblr and saw this:

Then I read some meta (here, here, and here) and it's just, like. I don't know. I'm having all these feelings. Emotional feelings. I mean, when I stopped watching the show, Castiel was just the angel who showed up to tell Dean stuff he needed to do and I come back to find out that Castiel broke Heaven's rules for Dean, over and over, that basically every other angel knows it too (and mostly seem to completely resent Dean because of it), and that DEAN NEEDS HIM.

I don't know! I mean, I stopped watching SPN for valid reasons. And I don't regret having stopped. But now I have all these feelings. I mean. I love supernatural beings who fall in love with humans. Obviously.

...in less emotionally-confusing news, I also saw this on Tumblr:

Cutest kiss ever!

Other things Tumblr has taught me: Scarlett Johansson is even more awesome than I'd already known. I love her. ♥

(seriously, Marvel, give that woman a fucking movie)


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