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New previously! I like this one a lot better. No more cheesy "and mine" bit.

Wow, lots packed into that episode, both character and plot. First of all, Tyler's grief over his mom felt real and tracked with how he's reacted to previous traumas. And I'm glad that Caroline explicitly said that his problems had to come first with her right now. Stefan is going down a very ugly path and I don't really want Caroline to be holding hands and skipping down along it with him.

Aw, Jeremy. Damon does care about you as you. Loved the Jeremy & Matt & Damon scenes.

The Bonnie & Shane stuff is starting to really heat up. I also think that April is being used well. I still need to see more of Bonnie's dad, but I'm interested in how he's going to be worked into things.

So, as it stands, both Damon and Stefan have agreed to work with an Original for the sake of the cure -- the difference being that Damon was railroaded into it while Stefan walked into his deal with his eyes wide open. His interest in finding the cure now appears to be pure spite against Damon and Elena.

(also, it's minor and moot now that she's not in love with him anymore, but I was right about Stefan wanting the cure for himself, too, so I'm going to pat myself on the back about that)

I find it fascinating that even under compulsion Stefan manages to twist the truth to suit himself (saying that he and Elena were broken up because she "slept with Damon" when that actually happened after the break-up). That's... impressive.

So, the show has established that Elena still loves Stefan but is no longer in love with him and that she is in love with Damon -- this tracks with my observations.

Oh, gosh, not sure how I feel about Elena telling Damon "I love you" for the first time over the phone! But she's going to see him next episode. I really hope that the sire bond is shown to be fake, I really do.

ETA: Having been reminded of the phone call in 3x22, I now am fine & pleased with the "I love you" via phone. It's what didn't (couldn't yet) happen last time, when she was driving away from him.
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