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So, not just the initial sex but also the morning sex gets intercut with Stefan and Caroline's annoying nonsense? Ugh. I mean, at least Damon and Elena got to enjoy a night of sex before Stefan and Caroline tried to ruin it all; the viewers didn't get that bit of compassion.

Bonnie's sweet empathy over Elena having to move out is quite the contrast. And then Damon, convincing himself about the sire bond. Oh, honey.

Goodness, Damon looks like Tom Welling (Clark Kent on Smallville) in his flashback. That was unexpected.

Wow, this girls' night is really getting dampened by Caroline's distaste of everything Elena and Bonnie say or do. Seriously, wow.

Stefan, maybe you can also stop being an asshole? Wow. Seriously. Ugh. It's like Caroline and Stefan are trying to shit all over every intimate and personal interaction that Damon and Elena have been having since S1. Y'all don't know a damn thing about them. They were 'sharing their day' with each other and checking in on each other last season, when Elena was still human. Is either Elena or Damon going to get to point that out sometime? Because it's really starting to annoy me that Caroline and Stefan keep claiming that things Damon and Elena have done for months are things that sprang into being because of the sire bond.

(on the other hand, I kinda like that Damon isn't doing things like talking to Stefan about kissing Elena in Denver. I guess because he's choosing to be classy even as Stefan is being a dirt-bag ass. So. My emotions are complicated because I do want Damon and Elena's private stuff to stay between them but I'm also frustrated that Stefan and Caroline get throw accusations that are untrue and not get fucking called on it)

Hey, Stefan, notice how shocked Damon was when you apologized? The reason he's so shocked is because of what an asshole you generally are to him. If you were wondering.

Oh, hi, two-faced Lexi, I was wondering when you were going to show up (naturally, it's when you're alone with Damon -- I see why you and Stefan clicked so well, since he's also master of showing one face to the people he wants to impress and then being a jerk to everyone else). It's always interesting to see you again. So, you tell Damon he doesn't get to go and Damon makes it so that all the blame falls on him. Enough so that Stefan is still trying to needle him over it decades later. Ugh. Makes me wonder -- if Damon hadn't killed Lexi and if she were still around, would Stefan and Damon ever have repaired their brother-bond as much as they have or would they still be completely at odds? Because she was definitely doing the 'pretend to be supportive while actually sabotaging' thing before Charlotte showed up.

If the sire bond is as literal as it looks to be with Charlotte, then it really doesn't make any sense that Damon and Elena have the same thing. Oh, though I do note what Damon says about Charlotte -- "she was crazy about me" -- the implication is that the sire bond existed because she was already desperately in love with him pre-vampire and wanted him to turn her.

Oh. Stefan suddenly doesn't want to lie to Elena? And now he's projecting his own personal M.O. onto Damon? I'm sorry, show, but you're not going to convince me that Damon is the one who habitually uses lies of omission in order to make himself look better. That's Stefan, all the way. You are not going to successfully convince me that night is day, no matter how many times you say it. That is some straight-up "Taming of the Shrew" shit there.

Come on, we all know Damon would probably manage to actually keep this secret for all of a day before he spilled his guts to Elena.

The more we see Charlotte, the more her actions contrast strongly against Elena's actions all season long.

Well, that was a painful bathroom conversation. I wonder if Elena saving Caroline's life and Caroline's hug really did help those wounds or if it's another band-aid between two people who have such different feelings and priorities in life.

Huh, so the only way to break a vampire sire bond is with dark magic? That's... interesting. (or, actually, it sounds like she was lying to get Damon to kill people for her? Hmm)

Okay, so Stefan is getting indignant about Damon killing people to break the bond when he was willing to do exactly that by turning vampires and getting Jeremy to kill them? Moral high ground -- you have none, Stefan. None. There are people, many people, who would have a moral high ground in arguing this with Damon. You are not one of them.

Tyler and Elena talking about sire bonds! I need to rewatch to see how well what Tyler says tracks with how he acted re: Klaus, but, yay, I'm glad Elena got validation over her feelings (even if I still don't think her actions over the course of the season have acted like a sire bond in either sense). And then Stefan and Damon get it validated, too, and Nandi basically says that a vampire 'sire bond' is merely the way vampirism expresses the heightening of emotion that comes along with being a vampire to begin with. So, Charlotte being literal was about Charlotte being Charlotte more than the way the 'bond' expresses.

Ugh, again Stefan with his self-serving lecture on 'morality'. I would believe this BS from you more, Stefan, if you lived by any of it yourself. Just like Damon and Charlotte, you said that Elena would be better off without you in her life, and yet you refused to let go. You do not have the fucking moral high ground. You just want Damon to tell Elena to forget about him so that you can have her back as your girlfriend.

At least Damon is showing that he's aware that he doesn't deserve Stefan's constant put-downs.

Again, when Stefan is (as far as we're aware) still planning on turning Elena into Klaus's human blood-bag against her will, he does not get to fucking talk about respecting her choices.

Ah, Shane is teaching Bonnie the extra-special 'using human souls' magic. Ah.

I wish that Elena or Damon would remember the times this season when she hasn't done as he asked or wanted. But I get why, in the passion of this accusation, that they wouldn't, because those moments are just part of the fabric of how they interact. It hasn't changed. The way they interact has only changed gradually, over the course of the past four seasons. Elena is always stronger with Damon than she is with Stefan. I think she knows that.

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Date: 2012-12-07 05:00 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] scy
I am trying to think of a review that does not involve me listing the ways in which I want to stab Stefan.

Because, writers, I am ready for him to crash and burn.

I don't CARE if Damon and Elena end up together, that is not an issue (I mean, Ian and Nina look to be blissfully happy, so yay! One hopes) but the characters? Whatever.

I would just prefer that it not be Stefan always right AGAIN.

And WOW, I cannot believe that it took Damon this long to KILL Lexi. Which, I don't like that I dislike her that much, but she really wrote Damon off from DAY ONE, even before he was the one killing people all the time - when he wanted Stefan to get help, Lexi did so, and then did not care what happened to him.

That is called being shifty and making shitty choices, lady.

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Date: 2012-12-07 11:33 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] beck_liz
I would just prefer that it not be Stefan always right AGAIN.

I was too sleepy to watch last night and also was feeling a distinct lack of enthusiasm for watching anyway, and what I've seen this morning has not increased my enthusiasm. Still no sign that Stefan's wrong, wrong, wrong, wrongity wrong wrong, eh? *sigh*

(Note to [personal profile] butterfly: apparently I'm too sleepy this morning & hit the wrong reply button. Sorry about that!)

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Date: 2012-12-07 09:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] scy
This show should be not subtitled: STEFAN SALVATORE IS AWESOME, ALWAYS, YAY.

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Date: 2012-12-07 10:57 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] scy
So, murder trumps not being monogamous. Excuse me while I throttle the judgmental duo.


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