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I am super-uncomfortable with how Stefan's presence is being forced on Elena when she's talked to both Stefan and Damon about how she doesn't want to be around him. Especially with Stefan still being a jealous little child over her not minding Damon being around.

"This is my brother's blood on my hands, Stefan. I stabbed him in the neck last night. So forgive me if I'm not in the mood to listen to you talk your way out of this."

I wanted to stand up and cheer. You go, honey. There's my awesome woman who charged into the men's bathroom to tell her brother off for doing drugs.

I love when Caroline pulls off a successful double-cross. I think because she always manages it by acting like she's more ruled by her weaknesses than she actually is, so she looks to the bad guys like she's breaking under a natural fault line. And I love her cute little smiles when she's pulled one off.

On the note of "nice job, costume department": Klaus and Stefan are wearing nearly identical outfits.

Okay, trying to understand Stefan's mindset. Before he learned about the hallucinations, he totally thought Elena would snap under the pressure of her own grieving over killing someone. After he finds out that she'll be suffering dangerous hallucinations, she's "stronger" than hurting herself. Stefan, I find your logic somewhat less than logical.

I love that April still hasn't forgotten about Rebekah. Matt, your reaction to a missing girl makes you look like an asshole. Try a bit of acting so that you look less like a potential kidnapper/serial killer.

So... Shane is trying to bring Silas back?

Elena's inner voice playing Katherine... sounds pretty on the mark. Stefan admitted as much last week to Damon. So, this shows that Elena is aware of Stefan's issues, she just tried to bury that awareness. And a part of herself believes that without her humanity, she's worth nothing. Since she's used to be the world around which several people turned, suddenly feeling like you're no longer worth their effort is going to be a very painful feeling.

Oh, Jeremy is working on his Damon-banter. Sucking up doesn't work; maybe empty threats will!

Okay, seriously, so why on earth wouldn't you tell girl-who-hates-being-a-vampire about the cure, anyway? This has been bothering me ever since Klaus swore Stefan to secrecy.

Elena, the only reason that Stefan was 'right' is because you happened to kill a person whose death causes hallucinations that are intentionally meant to make you feel suicidal.

So...why doesn't Klaus kill Haley? I can't think of any reasonable reason (from his perspective) that he wouldn't.

Wow, so they kill the one hybrid (apart from Tyler) that's just left the dark side? NICE JOB, GUYS. NO, REALLY. STELLAR JOB. THAT TOTALLY DOESN'T MAKE YOU THE ASSHOLES. Seriously, weren't there tons of other options of vampires (or hybrids) to kill?

Stop standing up for Stefan, Damon. That was pretty much the only thing in this episode you did that annoyed me. Anyway, A+ to Damon to telling Elena the truth about the cure tho.

Okay, Caroline, I love you, but when someone has just seen a person they care about killed - "we had no choice" is the asshole thing to say. I mean, that's what Damon said about killing Bonnie's mom. Do you want to be Damon?

No, but this scene with Caroline and Tyler was great because Tyler was allowed to point out the protagonist-centered morality of the show, so that was awesome. I kinda feel like the show undercut his very valid point when they had him throw his glass at the wall next to Caroline, and that makes me sad, but I'm happy the words were said.

Ha, once Damon tells the truth, Stefan immediately goes to Elena so that he can try to make himself look like the shining white knight again, despite the fact that if Damon hadn't spilled, Stefan would not have.

Why did Stefan 'send' Damon? Okay, what's with the show all of a sudden pretending Stefan is the boss of everyone?

And, again, Stefan is able to make things All About Him. He is such a selfish brat and yet he's still able to make Elena believe that he's The Good One.

Hey, Elena admitting that she had all those feelings for Damon before she turned, too. And, of course, Stefan makes it all about Stefan yet again.

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Date: 2012-11-16 04:28 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] scy
Can Stefan be human already?

And Ric come back from the dead, so he and Damon can leave town?

So TIRED of Littlest Salvatore.

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Date: 2012-11-17 07:19 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] scy
It's gotten to the point where I am having trouble watching the show, because it's the 'STEFAN IS RIGHT' hour.


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