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Smallville 7x03 - Toxic

I loved this episode on pretty much every level. Clark and Lois were spot-on, Oliver was well-used, we got some valuable backstory on Tess 'Mercy' Mercer that made me squee with joy, and Chloe's plot felt natural.

Seriously fabulous. I love that Davis has had interaction with Lois, Clark, and (sort of) Oliver. And I adored Mercy in this. Yes. I fully support her addition to the show now. Loved this.

Supernatural - In the Beginning

Sam wasn't in this episode much, but boy was his presence felt. Sam is most definitely his mother's son (she runs away, wants out of the life to be 'safe', wants to be in a relationship with someone who knows nothing about hunting -- her speech about wanting 'out' was so early-seasons Sam).

This was a much better episode than I was expecting, I'll admit. In fact, I thought this was an amazing episode. The young Mary both looked like the older actress but (more importantly) was a fantastic actor. I adored meeting her family (and it sounds like Mary named both of the kids!). Wow. Very cool.

Well-done plot twists. Sending Dean back is exactly what made their family what it is today. The only kind of time travel within a single timeline that actually makes sense -- everything happened just once, including the presence of time travellers. The price of getting back John was everything she never wanted for her family. They seem to be claiming Fate Finds A Way instead, but... that really is a kind of 'same difference' issue. Either way, nothing important changes -- I think that my version is actually more likely given the episode -- it was Dean who brought Mary to the demon's attention in the first place. It would not have happened without him there. But Castiel knew that saying that would screw over his position with Dean. What makes most sense to me is that Castiel (et al) created Sam's doom in order to figure out what the demon's endgame was. But telling Dean that would completely lose them his support. He would tell them to fuck off for doing this to his baby brother. But John was going to buy the VW until Dean told him otherwise. That, by itself, tells me that Dean was always there.

Castiel is the person who gave Sam his 'destiny'.

Good job, show.

So, instead of 'save your brother or kill him' it's the much more effective 'save your brother or we'll kill him'.
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