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With both Revenge and Vampire Diaries, one of the feelings I've primarily been feeling so far this season is relief.

I'm so glad that the Original vampires have their own show now, because I think part of what made S4 feel cluttered was them being all up in it. I love Rebekah & wish she could have stayed longer, but I'm perfectly happy to see Klaus and Elijah go off to another show.

The premiere was TVD's usual whirlwind -- new roommate? Nope, dead. Also: knew Elena's dad. dun-dun-DUN.

I really wonder what is up with Tyler & the actor, because it's strange that they want to keep him and Caroline together and yet he's never actually on the show.

Bonnie and her dad. Ugh, I just wanted to hug her, but it wouldn't even work because: ghost. And Bonnie and Jeremy were touching and heartbreaking. I really want her to come back to life and those two to get a happy ending. I want Bonnie to be happy. And not dead. Show, work on that for me, please.

I liked the Damon and Elena stuff because: kissing. Cute. Happy smiles. I just really want everyone to be happy. This is my television viewer curse.

As for Revenge, it was a super-relief to me to actually see them snipping away the bits of S2 that were completely muddled and just didn't work. They're starting again from the core of the show -- Emily, Nolan, the Graysons -- and exploring again from that central place.

Emily back on her path to revenge -- and now with a time limit. I agree with [profile] olga_keepout that I have a hard time seeing how they can get back to Jack/Emily from here. No only is he currently actively judging her and against her, he also chose to do something deliberately cruel when he kissed her and then told her he felt nothing.

I was pleasantly surprised that Daniel didn't cheat on Emily. I sorta ship them in an 'I enjoy when Daniel is helplessly in love with her' kind of way, which isn't really shipping because I don't actually want her to be in love back.

And, of course, Nolan and Emily. Nolan is such a wonderful character and I love his dynamic with Emily so much. I just want to wrap him up in cuddles and puppies.


Sleepy Hollow continues to be a delight. After last week, though, I am definitely shipping Ichabod/Abbie hardcore.

Abbie and Jenny are the best! I was very excited that the show was going to explore a sister relationship and, yes, I continue to be delighted by what the show chooses to be.

I do wish the Ichabod/Katrina love story had more show and less tell, though Ichabod's convo with the Onstar lady Yolanda was cute. Maybe we'll get some more of that next week.

AoS & Supernatural tonight! I know not everyone is enthused by AoS, but I'm really enjoying it so far. And I'm really looking forward to the Supernatural premiere although I'm not sure if I really believe that they're going to do 'something new' with the brothers. I guess we'll see.
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