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They're so young. With much higher voices than they use in later seasons. I wonder if that was just a gradual shift over time or if it happened in fits and starts. Nowadays, no one would call either of them 'too young' to look like Federal Marshals. They've both been through so much hell.

The opening scene resonates so much more with knowing what will happen and knowing Mary's history, in particular. And little!Dean is just the cutest kid in the world and such a sweetheart.

Even before everything happened, John was drinking himself to sleep downstairs. The foundations of the main relationships are all laid out very well -- Dean's fierce defense of his mother and equally fierce desire to go after his father; Sam wanting a life where he can feel safe. Sam not wanting to be a hunter and Dean seeing the value in it regardless of all other factors -- those carry through throughout the series. At the base of it, Sam and Dean really do have fundamentally different desires. Dean feels an innate calling to be a hunter that Sam just doesn't feel. That Sam never feels. But Dean doesn't want to be a hunter alone; he wants a partner (preferably Sam and, before that, his dad. So, in other words, family -- the most important word in Dean's vocabulary). Their relationship always contains an element of internal conflict because of their conflicting desires.

Deaths: We see Mary and Jess both die. Constance's spirit and those of her two children (one boy; one girl) get laid to rest. One dude (I've forgotten his name) who dies at Constance's hands. Both Mary and Jess are in white when they die, visually connecting them to Constance. White can symbolize: purity (either chastity or purity of God's word), innocence, death/mourning/ghosts, peace, divinity, some other stuff I'm forgetting.
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