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Vampire Diaries 4x23 - Graduation (briefly)

So, apparently all the sire bond messiness actually was just bad writing? Frankly, I'm disappointed, Julie Plec. None of it holds together or makes any kind of coherent sense.


I am pretty stunned that they apparently killed off Bonnie for real. OTOH, they brought back the person who talks to ghosts & the other side still exists, so Bonnie can still appear? IDK, I have complicated feelings. I love Jeremy but I love Bonnie.

You know who I bet is thrilled right now? Paul Wesley. He gets to play an actual bad guy. I bet he's dancing in the streets.

I liked the scene where Damon and Elena were all "you know, we're probably all kinds of bad together but I love you so w/e". I liked all the bonding w/ dead people scenes as well.

It sounds like Tyler might come back next season? Possibly? I guess it depends on contracts & storylines, but the way is clear.
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I am so TIRED of the sire bond crap. So yeah, it turned out to be mush.

And BONNIE. Maybe Kat Graham wanted to focus on her music instead? IDEK.
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I've got five episodes backed up on my DVR and I'm trying to decide whether to watch. I am seriously annoyed both that they killed Bonnie off for real and that the sire bond was actually real. I don't even know.