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2014-05-17 10:29 am

So, I kinda ran away and joined tumblr...

I mean, it's a bit more complicated than that -- I've also been dealing with my first full-time job (over a year now!) and various other life changes -- but definitely part of it is that once I joined tumblr, it kinda sucked up a lot of my fannish time.

 There's so much fannish energy on there. It moves incredibly fast and you have to run to keep up. And re-joining Supernatural fandom has been... weird. And complicated. All the more so because I'm watching for different reasons now than I was back the first time I was watching the show. And the show is this emotionally-confusing combination of amazing and problematic.

...Robert Berens (new writer for S9), though, is an absolute gem.

But there just isn't all that much activity or enthusiasm for SPN on LJ or DW these days (not that I've found, at least), and there is a ton on tumblr, so that's been where I've been having most of my fandom conversations for the last year+.

Another factor is that I'm not watching as much media these days. The only other show I've been keeping up with on the week-to-week basis is The Vampire Diaries, which just had the season finale this last week, which was suitable epic, in true TVD-style. Well, and Cosmos, which is wall-to-wall awesome science beauty.

But I'm behind on every other show -- like Elementary, Agents of SHIELD, Revenge -- or have given up entirely -- like with Once Upon a Time or Teen Wolf.

Now that we're into summer show haitus, I'm going to try to catch up on media (definitely catching up on AoS -- it sounds like it went from 'good' to 'AWESOME' while I wasn't paying attention), and I'm going to try to keep up on DW and LJ.

I'm seeing a couple of interesting new shows in the works for next season -- Agent Carter (!) and Constantine both look very intriguing. Not sure if I watch to check out The Flash and Gotham or not, though. Indecisive.

I'll definitely be watching the (potentially final) seasons of TVD and SPN. Sleepy Hollow is on my list, too, for sure. It also sounds like Arrow has really gotten people interested, so I kinda want to check some of that out over the summer. I watched and enjoyed the first season of Orphan Black but haven't watched any of the second yet apart from the premiere -- I'm thinking I want to save it up and marathon it. I feel like it's the kind of show that would reward that kind of viewing more than week-to-week.

I'm going to Vividcon in August, and very excited about it. Don't know if I'll have a vid in Premieres or not. It depends on if I end up having enough time to finish one.

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2013-10-08 11:41 pm
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TV: SHIELD and Supernatural

AoS is really picking up steam for me. I just like everyone and it makes me happy. I don't have any deep thoughts at the moment, but I'm having fun.

Supernatural: Wow. I'm c/ping what I wrote on tumblr for this. spoilers for SPN 9x01 )
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2013-08-20 06:35 am

Vid: Firework (Supernatural)

Song: Firework
Artist: Katy Perry
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean Winchester and the little sister he never (knew he) wanted.
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel; Charlie/Gilda; minor other pairings

.mov file 222 MB; zipped
.avi file 46.1 MB; zipped
.divx file 15 MB; zipped
.mp4 file 32 MB; zipped

For Vividcon 2013 Premieres. Feedback is always appreciated. Many thanks to [personal profile] par_avion for hosting the video.

youtube stream )


I spent a good three and a half years completely out of the Supernatural fandom until I got dragged back in by gifs on tumblr. It's been a bit of a roller coaster but there are some things about it that have been 100% positive. Among them is the adorable and healthy sibling-ish relationship that has developed between Dean Winchester, badass hunter (and secret nerd), and Charlie Bradbury, brilliant nerd (and secret badass).
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2013-05-16 09:37 pm
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Supernatural: Season Gr8 (through 8x23)

'tis what the kids on tumblr have been calling it all season. I originally posted this on tumblr but figured I'd post it here, too. I've actually been pretty involved in SPN fandom on tumblr for the past few months. It's a way different format than LJ & I still feel iffy about parts of it, but there's so much good meta out there.

spoilers through 8x23; I'm combining two different review-ish bits I wrote on tumblr )

Anyway, yay for season Gr8! It was a lot of fun, for the most part. Glad I watched!
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2013-02-24 02:05 pm

I watch TV that isn't TVD sometimes...

So, I'm actually keeping up with a few different shows. I'm not watching them all in real-time, but I'm more or less caught up on several:

Supernatural -- On balance, I'm having a great deal of fun. I went into the show expecting it to be as problematic as it was when I left in S4 and it's actually a bit better, especially with women and queer characters. I talk about this show A LOT on tumblr. It's kinda funny, because I went onto tumblr for Teen Wolf but I'm all about SPN there these days. I love the main plotline and I'm increasingly convinced that the show actually means to have Dean come out as bisexual which is something I never would have expected, going back into the show again.

The Following -- I'm... hesitant to suggest this show to anyone. The acting is great and I like the cat-and-mouse, but the show is troublesome in several ways. content warnings, including some character spoilers through 1x05 ) So, like I said, hesitant to recommend it. But if a show about a cult of serial killers sounds intriguing to you and my rather long list of warnings/caveats didn't throw you off, it's worth a try.

Elementary -- is a place of joy and squee. I love the show to pieces. I love the way they're creating the relationship and I love both the characters. I really love how Joan, despite her technical job, was never a 'genius wrangler' and it's very exciting to see where the show is going with Joan and Sherlock's partnership.

Revenge -- this is my drama-soap place of epic feelings. Everything is so vivid and bigger-than-life. My one tiny thing is vague spoilers for last week's episode )

Once Upon a Time -- I love this show. I can't really get all that deeply into the fandom because I am not super-sympathetic towards the villain woobies. Regina is a great character but, man, some people really seem to cut her all the slack in the world (for rape, murder, kidnapping, attempted brainwashing of a child) while coming down like a ton of bricks on relatively minor infractions by the Snowings family. It's like being in Smallville fandom all over again, except even more extreme in about every possible way. But I'm going to continue to watch and enjoy the actual show.
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2012-12-08 02:11 pm

Just Between Us: thoughts on slow-burning romances

One of the things that draws me to romances are two people that the audience sees sharing private confidences and vulnerability. They let down the walls and show their softer side.

includes spoilers for the most recent episodes of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural )
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2012-11-16 08:23 pm
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Supernatural: spoilers for all aired episodes

So, I did decide to go ahead and catch up on Supernatural. I blame tumblr, with their gifs of beautiful moments of angst and affection.

spoilers )
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2012-10-23 12:03 am
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So, I did go ahead and rewatch 1x01 of Supernatural

They're so young. With much higher voices than they use in later seasons. I wonder if that was just a gradual shift over time or if it happened in fits and starts. Nowadays, no one would call either of them 'too young' to look like Federal Marshals. They've both been through so much hell.

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2012-10-21 10:27 pm
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Supernatural, what are you doing here?

I'm having. Ah. I'm... well. Okay, so I joined tumblr, as previously mentioned at some point. Joining tumblr has meant that I've been seeing. Well. Gifs. And. Okay.

So, Supernatural. Spoilers for 8x02 )

...in less emotionally-confusing news, I also saw this on Tumblr:

Cutest kiss ever!

Other things Tumblr has taught me: Scarlett Johansson is even more awesome than I'd already known. I love her. ♥

(seriously, Marvel, give that woman a fucking movie)
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2009-06-29 01:05 pm

Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge and Jensen Ackles

So, I went to Dante's (in Portland, OR) last night to hear KANE sing. It was really awesome, because Chris's birthday was the other day, so we got to sing him happy birthday, plus his castmate from Leverage (Aldis Hodge who plays Alec Hardison) showed up to introduce him and to get us to sing, and Jensen Ackles stopped by on his way up to Vancouver to join him up on stage for a song.

Click here to see the gallery

So. That was fun.

ETA: Someone who was there (not me!) has a video of the birthday song: on youtube.
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2008-05-19 06:26 pm

Mixed Bag: Some Media Thoughts

First, the bad thing:

Supernatural has majorly disappointed me with its treatment of women in S3. [livejournal.com profile] trollprincess helpfully went through all three seasons of the show and the jump in sexist language in the third season is glaring. [livejournal.com profile] marinarusalka went through the one-shot female characters in S3 to further illustrate how the narrowing outlook of the show has limited the choices of the female characters. I was so in love with this show at the beginning of S3. In seasons one and two, I felt like Dean Winchester (and, by extension, the show) respected and liked women as well as lusted after them. After S3, I don't feel that way anymore (basically, I agree completely with what [livejournal.com profile] esorlehcar says here). Oh, Show, I want to love you again, but if you keep slinging the word 'bitch' around like you did this season, I'm giving you your walking papers.

Now, a good thing:

Pretty gay men on soap operas. I had never before known the joy of pretty gay men on soap operas but my eyes have been opened in the past few days. Here are Luke and Noah from As the World Turns kissing for the first time, the second time, and the long-awaited third time. Here are Oliver and Christian from Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) with kissing (at 5:30 -- I think I find the pause before the kiss even sexier than the kiss itself), nervous first-time making out, Christian dreaming of Oliver kissing him, and making out with bonus shirt removal (at 4:00). I called in to support Luke and Noah's storyline on As the World Turns and got this awesome gay kissing in return. Score.

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2008-05-16 06:03 pm

Television: Fall Lineup

The schedules for the 2008-09 television season have come out and I'm really amused by the fact that half of the shows I'll be watching are airing on FOX, the station that I said I would never watch again after what happened with Firefly.

my projected fall schedule )

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2008-04-02 12:21 pm

Meme: Unpopular Opinions (DW, SW, SPN)

I just realized that I'm not highly involved in some of the fandoms of the shows that I watch. Therefore, these opinions may or may not be unpopular! I'll be guessing on some of them.

Doctor Who as requested by a_white_rain; contains a writer spoiler for S4 )

Obi-Wan and Anakin (Star Wars) as requested by usomitai )

Supernatural as requested by mekare_enra )

More later!

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2008-02-14 10:29 pm

(no subject)

Television tonight was made of awesome. That's all for now.
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2008-02-10 01:39 am

Smallville and Supernatural: Siren and Dream

Not that it'll matter for a few more months (*insert mutters about the lateness of Oregon's primaries*), but I'm currently leaning in a Clinton direction at the moment. This would appear to be a bit of a minority opinion on my flist, but not overwhelmingly so.

spoilers for Smallville 7x11 -- Siren )

spoilers for Supernatural 3x10 -- Dream a Little Dream )