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And this post is for Adam's lyrics.

Note: need to check lyrics on FYE. And I'm not certain if Adam and Monte wrote all TCV songs, though that's what's implied in the sites that I've found; will edit if I find better intel.

Pre-Idol songs, mostly with The Citizen Vein

Kiss and Tell )

Pop Goes the Camera )

Crawl Thru Fire )

Crazy )

Glamorize )

Turning On )

I Got This )

Beyond the Sky )

Nocturnal by the Moon )

Rough Trade )

The Circle )

Oh my Ra )

Without U )

Avoid )

Chalice )

Album #1: For Your Entertainment

1 - Music Again )

2 - For Your Entertainment )

3 - Whataya Want From Me )

4 - Strut )

5 - Soaked )

6 - Sure Fire Winners )

7 - A Loaded Smile )

8 - If I Had You )

9 - Pick U Up )

10 - Fever )

11 - Sleepwalker )

12 - Aftermath )

13 - Broken Open )

14 - Time for Miracles )

15 - Master Plan )

16 - Down the Rabbit Hole )

17 - Voodoo )

18 - Can't Let You Go )

Album #2: Trespassing

1 - Trespassing )

2 - Cuckoo )

3 - Shady )

4 - Never Close Our Eyes )

5 - Kickin' In )

6 - Naked Love )

7 - Pop That Lock )

8 - Better Than I Know Myself )

9 - Broken English )

10 - Underneath )

11 - Chokehold )

12 - Outlaws of Love )

13 - Runnin' )

14 - Take Back )

15 - Nirvana )
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Adam's new CD is officially out!

Overall, I really like it. It has a good flow - it starts out aggressive and ends up contemplative, but the steps in between all make sense. It works as an album and not just a set of tracks. Adam co-wrote on all but three of the tracks (which means, of course, that the first two singles are both songs not written by him. Naturally. Ah, Idol).

some thoughts )

Anyway, "Trespassing" is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Check out the preview snippets on iTunes and see what you think!

Kris and Haley Reinhart (also both from Idol) have CDs coming out next week; I'm really looking forward to both of those as well & will probably talk about them when I get them. Especially Kris.
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It's out on iTunes for purchase.

I like it. The lyrics kinda go along with the same themes as WWFM, where Adam's having a rough time in his hypothetical relationship and asking his partner to hang in there and not give up on him. I really love the way that the chorus explodes out.
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So, I'm working on my Vividcon report, but was distracted by Adam Lambert's new encore - a cover of 20th Century Boy. Sounds amazing. Hope a youtube of it shows up soon.

And one already has!

And one with amazing sound *and* video quality is here:

more versions )
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So, hey, I went to this little concert by this guy y'all might have heard of - goes by the name "Adam Lambert".

Short version: Adam is awesome.

Long version: meetings; sun; overheating; and Adam's awesomeness )

Skip straight to the Adam part of the review )

And now, pictures )

Or skip straight to the Adam pictures )
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I will be seeing this man in concert on July 21st:

Very exciting! I'm thrilled that Adam is coming to Portland.

I do, though, wish that this guy were also coming sometime for a concert:

No dates in Portland, Kris? You break my heart!

More videos from both of them under the cut - including Kris covering Paranoid Android by Radiohead! )
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I just realized that I'm totally the sort of person who gets offended and goes off and sulks. I mean, I knew that I used to do that (when I was a teenager, I was Dawn from BtVS) but I hadn't realized that I was still inclined to that sort of behavior when I felt hurt.


Well, it's boring to just overshare about one's personal faults, so I will now try to say something more interesting...

Yeah, I got nothing. My life is very full of work/school right now and I spend most of my off time squeeing over Kris Allen.

Oh, something that will be interesting to at least one person (she knows who she is ♥):

A picture of Kris Allen and Lance Bass! Talking to each other! )

I'm considering doing a 3D model of the inside of the (2005 era) TARDIS as my hard-surface model for my Maya class. Does anyone want me to share pictures of it after it's (hopefully) done?

I really wish that Kings had gotten a second season, because I really loved the first season, but the cliffhanger ending broke my heart so much that I can't even consider getting the dvd set.

I was randomly going through my photos and learned that Grace Park does, indeed, still take my breath away. So gorgeous.

Finally, the new song by Adam Lambert that just got released on (one of) his international CDs is so beautiful. It's called "Can't Let You Go". youtube under cut )
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Before I get into the Epic Awesome of the Concert (with Photos), I want to share the results of What Not To Sing's S8 Camp Should-A-Been replay.

And the winner, based on the round-by-round merit of their performances only is: )

Back to what happened in the world where things other than pure performance matter: the concert!

details )

All in all, a highly enjoyable night. I'm glad I went.
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So, saw RENT today! Adam and Anthony were, as expected, totally brilliant, but I found myself adoring this cast's Mimi and Maureen nearly as much. I will try to gather my brain together to talk more about that later.

My mom was great for going with me (and [personal profile] jic) to that, but her other amazing thing was totally unexpected.

I showed her the Kris Allen stuff I've collected (as well as the Adam stuff -- she prefers Kris, too, voice-wise) and mentioned that they were going to be having their Portland concert while we were out of town. And she was all sweet and sad with me, but then I mentioned that they had a concert in Tacoma on the 7th and she was all, "borrow my car and go!"

So. Yes. I now have a ticket for the 7th to see the American Idol tour.
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Tour rehearsal 'interviews':
Kris interviews Allison and Adam; they interview him back (and Anoop interviews Matt)

They look like the most adorable group of friends ever. If they were any cuter... well, I'm not sure how that could happen.

Highlights (all of it, but, yes): Adam promises to help Kris with his clothes for tour, Katy is coming to some shows... so that she and Adam can hang out, Allison imitates a star-struck fan.

ETA: Oh! It looks like some more are still popping up -- there's one with Matt interviewing Anoop now. And now ones with Lil and Megan!
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I really just like Kris's stuff more and more. Ain't No Sunshine, She Works Hard for the Money, and Heartless were flat-out masterpieces. His version of Falling Slowly is one of the most touching songs I've ever heard. The Way You Look Tonight was pure Rat Pack in all the best ways (ah, and this is where my feelings of distaste for Matt's singing come from, I think, because My Funny Valentine is one of my favorite songs and he just... sapped all the glorious ambiguity and beauty out of it. Dunno, I should maybe get over it because I don't hate him on other songs) that did suffer a bit from horrible camera work (I can only just barely see Kris kicking it up with the mic-stand! Bad editors!).

How Sweet It Is and Remember the Time are lovely and romantic and Come Together is downright sexy (and, of course, Adam's Whole Lotta Love won Rock Night, but it was tailor-made for him. If he hadn't rocked the house down, he wouldn't be the performer he is). All She Wants to Do is Dance got buried by the mosh pit set-up, but the studio version sounds just fine. Apologize was good live and utterly fantastic in the studio cut. Man in the Mirror is energetic and sincere -- if I'd seen the original airing of that performance, I might have become a fan on the spot! I swear, I could listen to Kris sing all day and night. His voice is so beautiful.

As it stands, I've saved nearly all of Kris's live performances (... all but ASWTDID, his first try at No Boundaries, and Renegade -- that's not how you do a duet, Gokey. Grr. Sing with your partner, not over him; notice Kris's duet with Keith Urban where they worked together and each was allowed to shine. That's a duet.), most of Adam's, and only a few others. My favorite live performance remains Heartless, but my favorite studio is Apologize. For Adam, my favorite performance of his, both studio and live, is Ring of Fire.

Though Kris showed a lot of talents over the course of the season (singing, guitar, piano, humility coupled with stage presence, being utterly gorgeous - okay, that last one isn't exactly a talent, but it doesn't hurt), the one that won him the trophy was, no doubt, his ability to take a song and make it completely his. The two most obvious showcases for that gift are She Works Hard for the Money and Heartless, but it's something that's clear in everything he sings (I played his Come Together for my dad and he just adored the arrangement and Kris's voice. He was impressed because he's a huge Beatles fan and Kris really knocked it out of the park for him).

So, yeah. And I went and got the Itunes pass for him. Tour videos!
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So. There's this little tv show called American Idol. And maybe I glanced at it once in, like, fourth season and said, "eh. whatever. Simon's kinda cute but he's also an asshole, and I don't care about anyone else." and then didn't really think about it much. But maybe some people (*cough*[livejournal.com profile] astolat*cough*) wrote some fic, so I tuned into the finale of S7 and it was... okay? I guess. And I've liked various random songs and artists that have come out of Idol, though often without knowing that's where they came from.

S8 happened and I wasn't really noticing. Some people had links embedded to a really neat version of Ring of Fire as performed by one Adam Lambert but, while I enjoyed it, it didn't get me into the show.

In my slashy-reading travels, I saw this 'kradam' thing popping up and ignored it for a while. Because I was busy reading other fandoms. Then, and I can't remember how or where, but a few days ago I heard Kris Allen sing.

I still do not have powerful enough words to express how his singing makes me feel.

Have spent much of the last couple of days inhaling this season of Idol. I also have listened to the cd that Kris made a couple of years before Idol ("Brand New Shoes"). Of all the songs I've heard him perform, his Top 3 Heartless is my absolute favorite (gusty, clever, beautifully-arranged and sung. I'm in awe), but I've liked everything I've heard him sing (and outright adored most of it).

I'm so glad that I didn't find out about Kris Allen until after he was already the American Idol, because it looks like being a Kris fan involved many sleepless nights of worry.

But all this means that I'm currently a bit disappointed that I made plans to be out of town on July 5th, not being prescient enough to know that I would fall in love with Kris Allen's music and want to see him on tour. They're even kicking off here!


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