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My phone was missing on me for a couple of days there and I finally found it. So, that's good.

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I didn't post about Revenge this week. I really enjoyed the episode, but the show moves so fast that by the time I think about anything, it's different already! Which is fun, but it makes meta hard. But I love the characters and the relationships lots.

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One of the things that was so fun about Doctor/Rose was how into it the whole cast and crew were. It was a joyous tumble of "wow, they really love it as much as I do!" with hearts and flowers all over the place.

I also found that there's also a guilty thrill attached to finding out that one of the actors involved in a pairing that you dislike also dislikes the pairing (*waves at Paul Wesley and his boredom with Stefan/Elena*).

Of course, then there's also the not-so-fun feeling that comes when the cast and crew are really into a pairing and you aren't. See: RDJ's love for Tony/Pepper. He loves the pairing the way that the cast and crew of Doctor Who loved the Doctor and Rose but, for me, Pepper/Tony variously: does nothing for me as a romantic pairing but lots as a platonic one (Iron Man); is something that came as an unpleasant shock at the end (Iron Man 2); or is tolerable because Joss is writing it (Avengers).

So, various feelings. With shows/movies that I watch casually but don't get super into the fandom of, I generally never even know what the creators think. I just watch and it's fun (or, sometimes, it's not fun and I stop watching). But once I get invested in a show, it seems like I inevitably do find out what the cast/crew think about these various things and it does give me feelings. Even more so because I'm already emotionally invested.

Which brings me to Teen Wolf. And while Stiles and Derek are not a canon pairing at this point, they've been getting a lot of love and support from the cast and crew. The showrunner has said that the enthusiasm over Sterek has made him think about the possibility of putting it in the show (and, when someone asked, confirmed that he wasn't joking). This makes me get squishy Doctor/Rose feelings inside at the idea that a pairing that I like might have a chance at becoming not just canon but enthusiastically canon. Because there is a difference -- a big one -- between the general "Of course, I support the couples that I write/act/etc" behavior and the kind of support that leads to actors/whoever actively championing and pushing a specific pairing. It would be kinda neat if that happened with Teen Wolf and I do think that it's got a shot.

Do other people find themselves thinking about stuff this way too or is it just me?

* ETA: This is why one shouldn't post and then go to sleep. Misleading title/question! I wasn't trying to ask if it mattered in terms of whether or not something will be canon, just that if other people also had the same kinds of emotional reactions to enthusiastic support of ships that are canon from the creators/crew/cast, etc. Sorry about that!
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The fall television season is almost here. I'm planning on watching three shows (The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, Elementary), which is more than I've consistently watched in a while.

Super interested to see what will happen next on Revenge. I'm not thrilled about what happened in last season's TVD finale, but I'm still willing to give them another season to see what happens. And the Elementary pilot was just very enjoyable, so as long as they keep that energy and connection up during the season, it'll be gold.

What shows are y'all watching this year?

ETA: And Arrow! I was going to check that one out as well. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sperrywink for the reminder.
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Damn it, just got accidentally spoiled for something huge on TVD (which I'll be seeing in a couple of hours). Wish I hadn't seen that.
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Tonight, I will try to respond to the people who commented on my last week's episode thoughts. Sorry for the delay. Finals were exhausting.

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1. AVENGERS. I want to see this movie so much. This is the #1 piece of media that I'm excited for this year. AVENGERS!

2. After the casting news that came out a couple of days ago, I'm actually now interested in the American Sherlock Holmes series that's being planned (Elementary, I think it's being called). Is that a show being planned for fall 2012?

3. The Hobbit - I'm rewatching The Lord of the Rings movies right now. I don't have much free time in a row, so it's going slowly. I started two weeks ago and finally made it into The Two Towers this last weekend.

4. The Vampire Diaries - which is the only scripted show that I'm watching at this point. I've tried taking on various others but as my time slipped away, so did my ability to watch a lot of TV. So, TVD is it for me at the moment. I'm hooked on that one. Elena is my girl, even if some of her romantic inclinations baffle me - but, hey, never got why Joey remained so attached to Dawson either.

5. Is the Star Trek movie supposed to come out this year? I know it's being filmed right now, so maybe it's being planned for winter 2012? Anyway, excited for Star Trek 2. The first reboot movie was so much fun.

6. I did watch the performances from Idol last night. spoilers )


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