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School is going well -- there are two classes where I know I'm getting A's, two others where I'm pretty sure I'm getting B's, and one class where the teacher has failed to mention that letter grades exist (he just says that we get 'credit' for everything we turn in). More details possibly to follow in my school filter.

Fandom-wise, Stargate: Atlantis spoilers through Season Four's 'Harmony' )

. The next two episodes of Torchwood spoilers through 'To the Last Man' ). Then, last night, Smallville and Supernatural returned.

spoilers for Smallville 7x10 -- Persona )

spoilers for Supernatural 3x09 -- Malleus Maleficarum )

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I'm missing Buffy really hard this week. I just realized the other day that none of the shows that I currently watch have gay characters (and only two that I can think of that have acknowledged the existence of us queers in a positive fashion -- Smallville and Dexter. Doctor Who has both positive gay images and complex, strong, good women, but isn't currently airing). For all that Willow tended to be my least favorite Scooby and I found her passive-aggressive and frustrating, I miss having an acknowledged gay regular who has gay relationships on-screen.

Buffy had its race issues (though, by the last season, they were getting a bit better), but I really miss its pro-feminist/pro-queer slant.

Specifically, the notion that women come in a variety of personalities (and shapes) and that this is good. That women can be friends with each other (that women can be friends with men). That women can be leaders.

I am... both hopeful and fearful of where Supernatural is currently going, female character-wise. spoilers through Supernatural 3x05 -- Sin City )

I'm seriously considering dropping Heroes because the gender issues are making me uncomfortable. I still haven't watched last week's Prison Break because spoilers for Prison Break 3x05 ).

Dexter spoilers for Dexter 2x04 -- See-Through ).


And, of course, spoilers for Stargate Atlantis 4x05 ).

Smallville is doing fairly well (when it objectifies, it does tend to objectify both genders). Bones, Numb3rs, and House have their issues but do not tend to ever actually offend me.
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It's Not Over
by Daughtry

Dean won't let the road end here.
(spoilers up to Supernatural 2x22 -- All Hell Breaks Loose)

(divx file 36.7 MB; zipped
smaller wmv file available here)

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] par_avion for lending space and to [livejournal.com profile] jic for advice and support. Feedback is always appreciated.

I'm gonna try to do it right this time around.

vidding notes )

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It would be so amazingly neat (and hot!) if anyone knew of any possible Jo (from Eureka) and Dean (Supernatural) stories. Or, if there aren't any, well, there's clearly something missing from the world.

Because! They could avoid talking about their lives while cleaning their guns, have killer sex, and then arm-wrestle. Naked, possibly. She's hot, he's hot, and they're both very, very good at what they do. It's win/win/win -- Jo wins, Dean wins, and I win.

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I wanted to wait until all of my 'non-summer' television was over before I posted this, and Doctor Who had to go and air oddly, crossing over between fall-spring television nearly into summer. But now it's done and I feel able to sum up how I felt. So, in alphabetical order, what I watched this year:

spoilers for Battlestar Galactica )

Bones/Numb3rs )

Boston Legal )

spoilers for Doctor Who )

spoilers for House )

spoilers for Prison Break )

spoilers for Smallville )

Supernatural )

Torchwood )

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So, a couple of people on my flist recently asked about SPN vids and I happily mentioned my vid to Prayer. And then I went and rewatched it and realized that I never uploaded the new version of the vid that I'd made from the dvds. I'd just made it and then gone on with my life. So, nearly the same vid, but with better picture quality and no freaking logo in the lower right. All S1 footage, no spoilers for S2.

by Disturbed

To serve and protect.
(spoilers up to Supernatural 1x22 -- Devil's Trap)

(divx file 36.83 MB; zipped
smaller wmv file available here)

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paraviondeux for lending space and to [livejournal.com profile] jic for advice and support. Feedback is always appreciated.

This is the way I pray.

brief vidder's notes )

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I discovered the perfect song the other week... only to discover that the artist is well-known (I hadn't heard of him before, but I'm not actually all that up on the new artists, so that's not a huge shock) and the song has already been vidded for SPN (more than once). Which makes sense, because (as I said) it's absolutely perfect.

So, I'm currently pouting and trying to decide whether I want to make my vid of it anyway.

My vid would include clips all the way through the S2 finale, which none of the vids that I glanced at have (all of which I only read the summary of and watched the first five seconds of, then stopped in case I do decide to vid it).

God, it's such a perfect song.

Other vidders: what do you do in a situation like this? Try to find a different, more obscure song that covers the same emotions or go ahead and vid the possibly over-done song? Something else?

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I have thoughts on Smallville, honest, but I'll have to talk about them tomorrow or Saturday or something.

spoilers for Supernatural 2x22 -- All Hell Breaks Loose (part two) )


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