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2015-02-01 03:38 pm
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I've only had time to watch the two vids made for me, but they were both great! They're actually a fantastic example of how the same subject can depicted in multiple ways, because I got two Lina Lamont (Singin in the Rain) character study vids and I'm very happy with both of them!

Diva is kinda of a great linear deconstruction of Lina -- it starts with the glamour and what she wants you to believe about her (how amazing she is) and then the song gets into how she's manipulating the world in order to get what she wants ("diva is a female version of a hustler" is used very well).

Primadonna more stays inside Lina's vision of reality the whole time, and is more folded together rather than linear. The song used in this one, which I'd never heard before, is definitely a great one for Lina, and there's some great moments where you can feel sympathy for Lina's ambitions and needs.

Both vids are gorgeous, and I'm so thrilled that they now exist! I love Singin in the Rain and I've always enjoyed Lina's character. Thank you, anon vidders! ♥
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2014-10-26 09:51 pm

Dear Festividder,

Sorry that it took me a little bit to put this up. My first time doing Festivids. <3

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2014-08-11 02:04 pm
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Vividcon 2014 - Immediate post-Premieres reactions

I posted this on tumblr the night of Premieres, but I wanted to bring it over here, too. I'm going to try to do a more detailed review/recs post later on this week as well.

brief thoughts pre-rewatching )

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2014-05-17 10:29 am

So, I kinda ran away and joined tumblr...

I mean, it's a bit more complicated than that -- I've also been dealing with my first full-time job (over a year now!) and various other life changes -- but definitely part of it is that once I joined tumblr, it kinda sucked up a lot of my fannish time.

 There's so much fannish energy on there. It moves incredibly fast and you have to run to keep up. And re-joining Supernatural fandom has been... weird. And complicated. All the more so because I'm watching for different reasons now than I was back the first time I was watching the show. And the show is this emotionally-confusing combination of amazing and problematic.

...Robert Berens (new writer for S9), though, is an absolute gem.

But there just isn't all that much activity or enthusiasm for SPN on LJ or DW these days (not that I've found, at least), and there is a ton on tumblr, so that's been where I've been having most of my fandom conversations for the last year+.

Another factor is that I'm not watching as much media these days. The only other show I've been keeping up with on the week-to-week basis is The Vampire Diaries, which just had the season finale this last week, which was suitable epic, in true TVD-style. Well, and Cosmos, which is wall-to-wall awesome science beauty.

But I'm behind on every other show -- like Elementary, Agents of SHIELD, Revenge -- or have given up entirely -- like with Once Upon a Time or Teen Wolf.

Now that we're into summer show haitus, I'm going to try to catch up on media (definitely catching up on AoS -- it sounds like it went from 'good' to 'AWESOME' while I wasn't paying attention), and I'm going to try to keep up on DW and LJ.

I'm seeing a couple of interesting new shows in the works for next season -- Agent Carter (!) and Constantine both look very intriguing. Not sure if I watch to check out The Flash and Gotham or not, though. Indecisive.

I'll definitely be watching the (potentially final) seasons of TVD and SPN. Sleepy Hollow is on my list, too, for sure. It also sounds like Arrow has really gotten people interested, so I kinda want to check some of that out over the summer. I watched and enjoyed the first season of Orphan Black but haven't watched any of the second yet apart from the premiere -- I'm thinking I want to save it up and marathon it. I feel like it's the kind of show that would reward that kind of viewing more than week-to-week.

I'm going to Vividcon in August, and very excited about it. Don't know if I'll have a vid in Premieres or not. It depends on if I end up having enough time to finish one.

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2013-10-08 11:41 pm
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TV: SHIELD and Supernatural

AoS is really picking up steam for me. I just like everyone and it makes me happy. I don't have any deep thoughts at the moment, but I'm having fun.

Supernatural: Wow. I'm c/ping what I wrote on tumblr for this. spoilers for SPN 9x01 )
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2013-10-08 07:30 am

Television: Sleepy Hollow, Revenge, Vampire Diaries

With both Revenge and Vampire Diaries, one of the feelings I've primarily been feeling so far this season is relief.

Vampire Diaries - spoilers for 5x01 )

spoilers through Revenge 3x02 )

spoilers for Sleepy Hollow 1x04 )

AoS & Supernatural tonight! I know not everyone is enthused by AoS, but I'm really enjoying it so far. And I'm really looking forward to the Supernatural premiere although spoilers just from what people have said in interviews and stuff )
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2013-10-02 10:12 pm

Fall TV Update

Sleepy Hollow is already on its third episode. Man, feels like it started just yesterday.

spoilers through Sleepy Hollow 1x03 )

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a very long name. I will probably end up calling it AoS a lot.

spoilers through AoS 1x02 )

Elementary just had its premiere last week, so spoilers for Elementary 2x01 )

All of those shows are definitely staying on my 'to watch' list.

I haven't had a chance to watch Revenge yet. I kinda burned out last season on both Revenge and Once Upon a Time, but I've heard some good things about Revenge's premiere, so I'm going to try to watch last week's episode this Friday. OUaT, on the other hand, I think I may be done with. There are some things that I loved about the show, but S2 focused so much on stuff I didn't care about (mostly Hook) and the promo for S3 promises more of the same. Plus, I'm kinda in a place with that show where it seems like I disagree both with the show and with the most vocal part of fandom -- not really spoilers but still )

I watched and loved Orphan Black, though the finale had some underwhelming moments. I think there's a longish wait for the second season of that, but I'm totally there for it when it comes out.

I sorta watched part of S3 of Teen Wolf but I think our relationship may be over. It's so obvious the writers don't care about anything making the slightest bit of character or show sense. I just can't handle that in a show.

Shows still to come:

The Vampire Diaries airs tomorrow. Looking forward to spoilers for spoilerish news )

I'm also going to check out The Originals because, hey, why not? We'll see if it's any good! I do love Rebekah.

Supernatural starts next Tuesday. I'm both excited and nervous. It's been a weird thing, getting back into SPN fandom. Not the least of which is discovering that, these days, there are definite camps and I'm not sharing one with most of the people I was talking about the show with back when I was watching it during S2/S3. So, that's been interesting. It's also a fascinating study in how changing the showrunner changes the focus and, in the case of SPN, changes the genre. Kripke was horror, Gamble was character drama/noir, and Carver is action-adventure.

The last show that I'm waiting to premiere is Almost Human, which won't happen until November. But, hey, Michael Ealy and Karl Urban! Let's hope it doesn't suck.
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2013-09-16 10:08 pm
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Sleepy Hollow 1x01: premiere

Definitely going to keep watching this one.

The casting was great. I don't know any of the main actors, but I loved them. I can see that they're setting up for a potential long-haul of a story, as well as having stuff for the first season. I definitely hope this show keeps on going. Very enjoyable premiere.

spoilers )
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2013-09-15 07:51 pm

(no subject)

So, for me, fall television season is starting tomorrow, because I'm going to be checking out Sleepy Hollow.

Premieres are really scattered about this season, but this is what I'm planning on watching (new shows in bold):

Monday: 8 pm - Almost Human (Nov 4)
9 pm - Sleepy Hollow (Sep 15)
Tuesday: 8 pm - Agents of SHIELD (Sep 24)
9 pm - Supernatural (Oct 8)
Wednesday: n/a
Thursday: 8 pm - The Vampire Diaries (Oct 3)
9 pm - The Originals (Oct 3)
10 pm - Elementary (Sep 26)
Friday: n/a
Saturday: n/a
Sunday: 8 pm - Once Upon a Time (Sep 29)
9 pm - Revenge (Sep 29)

I'm going to try to keep up with TVD and Revenge here. I know I've been neglecting y'all for tumblr & for my job, but I'll try to post at least about those two shows. I'm really looking forward to have a Joss show back on my tv, that's for sure, so I will probably squee about AoS.
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2013-08-20 06:35 am

Vid: Firework (Supernatural)

Song: Firework
Artist: Katy Perry
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean Winchester and the little sister he never (knew he) wanted.
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel; Charlie/Gilda; minor other pairings

.mov file 222 MB; zipped
.avi file 46.1 MB; zipped
.divx file 15 MB; zipped
.mp4 file 32 MB; zipped

For Vividcon 2013 Premieres. Feedback is always appreciated. Many thanks to [personal profile] par_avion for hosting the video.

youtube stream )


I spent a good three and a half years completely out of the Supernatural fandom until I got dragged back in by gifs on tumblr. It's been a bit of a roller coaster but there are some things about it that have been 100% positive. Among them is the adorable and healthy sibling-ish relationship that has developed between Dean Winchester, badass hunter (and secret nerd), and Charlie Bradbury, brilliant nerd (and secret badass).
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2013-07-11 09:45 pm

Poly Big Bang

I'm thinking about signing up for the poly big bang. Not sure what the fandom would be yet (I'm thinking about MCU, though the new Trek film gave me some Kirk/Spock/Uhura feelings. Or I could write more JMDV). Anyway, thought I'd pass on the link for the comm in case other people are interested and haven't seen it mentioned yet.

Come and join [community profile] polybigbang, a multifandom threesomes or moresome big bang!

Sign Ups: Author | Artist
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2013-05-27 08:27 pm
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Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

On Saturday, I went to IM3 with my mom. Today, I went to Star Trek Into Darkness with my dad.

spoilers; like with IM3, I start with the less happy and then move to the happy )
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2013-05-25 03:54 pm

Movie: Iron Man 3

Thank you to everyone. I went to the movies with my mom today, which cheered us both up.

Definitely better than IM2. Not quite as good as Avengers, but a very enjoyable movie.

I'll start with my short list of quibbles and then move on to the positive )
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2013-05-16 09:37 pm
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Supernatural: Season Gr8 (through 8x23)

'tis what the kids on tumblr have been calling it all season. I originally posted this on tumblr but figured I'd post it here, too. I've actually been pretty involved in SPN fandom on tumblr for the past few months. It's a way different format than LJ & I still feel iffy about parts of it, but there's so much good meta out there.

spoilers through 8x23; I'm combining two different review-ish bits I wrote on tumblr )

Anyway, yay for season Gr8! It was a lot of fun, for the most part. Glad I watched!
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2013-05-12 03:10 pm
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Television: Spartacus

I finished watching Spartacus and I'm not sure I've ever had a more satisfying television-series experience in my life.

spoilers all the way through 3x10 - Victory )

I'm probably going to end up rewatching it and writing meta. Because I've been looking for meta and not finding any (if you know of any, please inform me! I'd love to read it).
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2013-05-04 10:47 pm

Mostly Vampire Diaries 4x21 -- She's Come Undone (and a bit on other things)

I had the chance to watch TVD 4x20 and 4x21. I didn't have too many thoughts about the backdoor pilot for The Originals, so, briefly, not-really-spoilers )

I have more thoughts on "She's Come Undone", though not terribly many: brief spoilers )

I've been watching Spartacus here and there for the last few weeks and really enjoying it. I've just started the third (last) season. It is incredibly bloody, though, so if that's a concern, it's not the show for you. But the characters are great and I love the way the show has illustrated the complexities of the system of oppression the Romans had set up.

And, on a less cheerful note, for some reason, seeing all the enthusiasm for IM3 makes me feel... less enthused? IDK, I've gotten to the point where I feel like it can't possibly live up to the fandom hype.

Eh, I probably just feel that way because I haven't see it yet and won't get the chance for at least another week. I don't know.

There are many good things about having a steady job that you like -- but I do find myself with a lack of free time.

I've been watching and enjoying Supernatural -- loved the episode two weeks ago with Charlie (so much love for Charlie; she's a gem) and enjoyed this week's episode as well.

I've fallen behind on Revenge and Once Upon a Time. Hopefully, I will get the chance to catch up soon.