May. 4th, 2013

butterfly: (Vampire Diaries -- Team Elena)
I had the chance to watch TVD 4x20 and 4x21. I didn't have too many thoughts about the backdoor pilot for The Originals, so, briefly, not-really-spoilers )

I have more thoughts on "She's Come Undone", though not terribly many: brief spoilers )

I've been watching Spartacus here and there for the last few weeks and really enjoying it. I've just started the third (last) season. It is incredibly bloody, though, so if that's a concern, it's not the show for you. But the characters are great and I love the way the show has illustrated the complexities of the system of oppression the Romans had set up.

And, on a less cheerful note, for some reason, seeing all the enthusiasm for IM3 makes me feel... less enthused? IDK, I've gotten to the point where I feel like it can't possibly live up to the fandom hype.

Eh, I probably just feel that way because I haven't see it yet and won't get the chance for at least another week. I don't know.

There are many good things about having a steady job that you like -- but I do find myself with a lack of free time.

I've been watching and enjoying Supernatural -- loved the episode two weeks ago with Charlie (so much love for Charlie; she's a gem) and enjoyed this week's episode as well.

I've fallen behind on Revenge and Once Upon a Time. Hopefully, I will get the chance to catch up soon.


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