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I mean, it's a bit more complicated than that -- I've also been dealing with my first full-time job (over a year now!) and various other life changes -- but definitely part of it is that once I joined tumblr, it kinda sucked up a lot of my fannish time.

 There's so much fannish energy on there. It moves incredibly fast and you have to run to keep up. And re-joining Supernatural fandom has been... weird. And complicated. All the more so because I'm watching for different reasons now than I was back the first time I was watching the show. And the show is this emotionally-confusing combination of amazing and problematic.

...Robert Berens (new writer for S9), though, is an absolute gem.

But there just isn't all that much activity or enthusiasm for SPN on LJ or DW these days (not that I've found, at least), and there is a ton on tumblr, so that's been where I've been having most of my fandom conversations for the last year+.

Another factor is that I'm not watching as much media these days. The only other show I've been keeping up with on the week-to-week basis is The Vampire Diaries, which just had the season finale this last week, which was suitable epic, in true TVD-style. Well, and Cosmos, which is wall-to-wall awesome science beauty.

But I'm behind on every other show -- like Elementary, Agents of SHIELD, Revenge -- or have given up entirely -- like with Once Upon a Time or Teen Wolf.

Now that we're into summer show haitus, I'm going to try to catch up on media (definitely catching up on AoS -- it sounds like it went from 'good' to 'AWESOME' while I wasn't paying attention), and I'm going to try to keep up on DW and LJ.

I'm seeing a couple of interesting new shows in the works for next season -- Agent Carter (!) and Constantine both look very intriguing. Not sure if I watch to check out The Flash and Gotham or not, though. Indecisive.

I'll definitely be watching the (potentially final) seasons of TVD and SPN. Sleepy Hollow is on my list, too, for sure. It also sounds like Arrow has really gotten people interested, so I kinda want to check some of that out over the summer. I watched and enjoyed the first season of Orphan Black but haven't watched any of the second yet apart from the premiere -- I'm thinking I want to save it up and marathon it. I feel like it's the kind of show that would reward that kind of viewing more than week-to-week.

I'm going to Vividcon in August, and very excited about it. Don't know if I'll have a vid in Premieres or not. It depends on if I end up having enough time to finish one.

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