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First I saw Man of Steel. Overall, a good movie. The bad parts was mostly just that the fight scenes at the end went on way too long and there was way too much needless destruction.

But I loved the Krypton stuff and the flashbacks and Lois and Perry and the Kents. Jonathan, you are such a stubborn old coot. Martha = <3. And I really liked Faora. Zod as okay but not spectacular.

Amy did a terrific job as Lois! I was so hoping she would, because I love her. And Henry was a good Clark/Kal as well. As far as female characters in general, MoS did a great job. Not as good as some of the Marvel movies (I'm looking at Thor in particular) but heads and shoulders above the recent Batman reboot. And above Superman Returns from half a decade ago. Rebooting the continuity is a much better choice than trying to go off the older movies, I think.

And then I saw The Heat. Holy shit, this was funny. Sandra and Melissa have a great dynamic. And it also had some very solid dramatic moments as well. Not perfect but a whole heck of a lot of fun.

And I'm definitely shipping Sandra and Marlon's characters. That last scene with them was super-charming. If they ever do a sequel, I would want those two to be dating because of reasons of cuteness.

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Date: 2013-07-06 02:58 am (UTC)
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I want(ed) to see The Heat. Then today I found out that they named it: Taffe M├Ądels, Like: Tough Girl(ies) and it kinda pissed me off. (If I have to see it dubbed then I'd like to not be offended by the title, kthankx!) But I might still see it if there's time (exams right now).

I'm going back and forth on Man of Steel (whether I should see it). I'm not into Superman, but the first trailers looked great, but then the first reviews weren't so great etc....


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