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Movie: Iron Man 3

Thank you to everyone. I went to the movies with my mom today, which cheered us both up.

Definitely better than IM2. Not quite as good as Avengers, but a very enjoyable movie.

Tony and Pepper continue to have zero romantic and sexual chemistry for me, so that part of the movie doesn't resonate like it does for people who do see them as believable lovers/partners. They spend the bulk of the movie separated, so it's not that much of an issue. And I've been mourning since IM2 that they didn't get to travel the less-used road in cinema and actually have a strong platonic male & female friendship that gets to be focused on, so I should probably move on and just be grateful that at least these days, I have Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes on Elementary.

The random beauty pageant felt extremely gratuitous and just like an excuse to shove pretty women wearing next-to-nothing into the movie.

I pretty much loved everything else. Tony, JARVIS, Pepper, Rhodey, and Happy all made great returns. Don worked a lot better for me as Rhodey in this movie than he did in his first outing. The friendship with Tony felt strong and believable.

I really loved the bad guys! The flip between expectations and reality worked extremely well. Liked that Pepper got to deal the final blow to Killian. I find it super-fun that Pepper has Extremis now; I'd been wondering if they would do Rescue (especially after having been spoiled on Pepper being in the suit) and this was an unexpected way of doing something similar.

I felt completely pleased and spoiled by how much awesome JARVIS stuff was in here. I love JARVIS.

I liked Maya; sad she died. And I actually was kinda 'shipping her and Pepper there for a second before the reveal on her loyalties. I thought she had chemistry with both Pepper and Tony. If anyone has written or seen any Maya/Pepper fic, kindly hook a girl up with that.

I was surprised by how well the kid worked; kids don't always work for me in movies, not with extensive screentime, anyway. He did a good job and he and Tony had a nice rapport.

They basically did a vid for their credits sequence and it worked nicely.

And the post-credits sequence was adorable! Bruce!
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I liked Maya; sad she died.

Well, she did fall down offscreen, after injecting herself with Extremis. It would be super easy to bring her back.

I thought IM3 was a lot of fun, and tons better than IM2. I read that TPTB had originally pondered have a subplot where Pepper slept with Killian, who made a sextape for blackmail purpose. Sooooo glad they didn't go that road.