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butterfly ([personal profile] butterfly) wrote2013-04-18 08:15 pm

Vampire Diaries 4x19 -- Pictures of You

I had a lot of Bonnie/Jeremy feelings this whole episode. They're so pretty together and it's so sad. I wanted it to be real, too. I miss you, Jeremy.

It's nice for Caroline that she got to spend time with Tyler. And the actually-real Tyler, even. Her hair was very cute and her dance with Stefan was nice, too.

Vampires with no humanity do terrible things: the Elena edition.

I can't hear "Stay" without thinking of all the stuff that is known about Rihanna and Chris Brown, so that was a distracting song choice.

Well, Klaus is petty* and that's why he loses the cure; Rebekah was a pawn, sorry Rebekah; and Elijah was tricked because he's too trusting. That kinda does sum each of them up.

* Elijah called him 'hollow' and, yes, he really is.