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Overall thoughts:
TVD loves to draw out their seasonal mysteries/lies -- in S1, we had the lie of Katherine in the tomb for the first half of the season, S2 had the Sun & Moon curse, S3 had Alaric's brain being poisoned by Esther. Obviously, I'm hoping history will repeat itself with the sire bond because, like the S&M curse, it makes zero sense. Zero logical or emotional sense. Any version of it that I've seen people try to argue falls apart with continuity errors. The only way for it to make sense is if it doesn't exist.

For me, Klaus is just a hilarious douchebag. He's such a vindictive person. I enjoy watching him because it all comes across as such deliberate characterization. Joseph Morgan knows (and has spoken about how) Klaus is an asshole and so I can just sit back and go, "yup, what a petty, horrible man". I don't ever feel like anyone is trying to convince me that he's good or redeemable or anything other than a selfish and childish monster. I enjoy watching him on-screen but constantly want bad things to happen to his character. What he did with Caroline at the end of "Because the Night" was so completely Klaus and thus also very petty and cruel. Pettiness and cruelty are at the foundation of his character.

My current hope is that he gets the cure stuffed down his throat in an upcoming episode. He would be so utterly miserable about it and I would just find that delightful.

Some brief thoughts on "Because the Night":

Elena's new hair is adorable! I love the Elena/Rebekah team-up! Rebekah is awesome.

We now know how tall Elena/Katherine officially are on the show; this pleases me.

Oh, Damon. Just, in general. He's so very Damon.

Lexi... ah, well. It actually did fit in with some of her previous actions fairly well. And I loved her hair.

Poor Bonnie. :-(

Poor Caroline. :-(

Poor twelve dead witches. :-(

And thoughts on "American Gothic":

The opening scenes gave me "Ben is Glory" flashbacks (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), which made me giggle (in a good way!).

Overall, I thought that was an excellent episodes. Loved all the Elena-Rebekah-Katherine scenes. Enjoyed the Katherine/Elijah interplay. Always like Original sibs interacting. And I adored the ending with Elena's humanity-switch off ultimatum. Very S1!Damon, yes? Glad that the show is going there with her character and not shying away.

Basically, I enjoyed every bit of the episode.
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