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So now everyone has decided that the sire bond (*cough* fake *cough*) no longer works because Elena has buried her 'human feelings'. Did anyone else notice that Elena was more herself/less cold & dead with Damon in this episode than she was with anyone else? Someone (Damon in S2, maybe?) compared the 'switch' to a dimmer at some point -- I feel like that's probably a more accurate way of talking about it. It's not actually turning off the emotions; it's repressing them for later. Several vampires, I think have confirmed that -- that the emotions are right there, bubbling under the surface, but using the 'switch' lets you push them away for a time.

So, Klaus and Hayley are... eh. I'm glad she was the person he had sex with (Klaus having sex soon was spoiled a while back), because it's hard to think of any other character on the show where that wouldn't've have been cringe-inducing.

Caroline and Elena's friendship issues finally come to a head in this episode. They've been circling around them off and on all season. Personally, I think it would be healthy of both of them to take a step back and not try to believe they're 'best friends' right now, because I think that label has been keeping them from dealing with the various conflicts of interest that they have between them and have had between them since pre-S1.

Damon's thing with Will was interesting but we're obviously going to get more on it in the next episode, so I don't want to create any expectations for myself.


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