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To start off. Eeep. Dead mom. I'm actually really glad that they went and showed why Klaus is a villain and exactly why Caroline and Stefan's guilt over Tyler wanting to put him away was so completely misguided. It really highlighted how Caroline and Stefan are not on the side of what's noble.

As did the Tyler plotline. I think they did a good job with that.

So, this whole 'my body is magically telling me to go because it will make Damon happy' thing... makes no sense. Like, in context of every other action Elena has taken for the entirety of the season. It literally does not track with her previous behavior and actions. If her body told her to obey Damon, why did she not kill the blonde girl 4x04? Why couldn't she keep down the blood from Damon despite him telling her to drink it and how obviously he was enjoying it?

I do note that creepy professor Shane was around during this whole 'my body now magically obeys Damon despite it not happening earlier this season' thing, though. I note that very strongly and underline it. Especially since he took off from his very important hybrid-kill power gathering in order to 'help out' Bonnie, Elena and Jeremy. And why did the show need to make it clear that he knew about the 'sire bond'?

[livejournal.com profile] arabian and I were talking and we've pretty much decided that Shane and Klaus might well be in cahoots. Regardless whether they are or not, Shane sure is super-creepy. Oh, and in talking with her, she also pointed out that Caroline had the same reaction to her first drink out of a blood bag that Elena did! Go watch "Brave New World".

And I will mention again that it took us over fifteen episodes to learn that the Sun and Moon curse was a big fat lie from Klaus.

I noticed that Klaus lied for Hayley -- she obviously told him about the unsired hybrids gathering, but he told Stefan "she hates me".

Also, Shane has now told this Silas story twice.

"You’re looking at what people believed to be the world’s first tombstone. This item was donated to Whitmore College last month. ...It belonged to a very powerful witch, a witch so powerful in fact that Silas, that was his name, created a spell that would grant him immortality. Now legend says that Silas did the spell with the help of a lady witch who loved him, a woman named Qetsiyah. Sadly for Qetsiyah, Silas wanted to give immortality to another woman, so Qetsiyah killed her and buried Silas alive, leaving him powerless, immortal, and alone. This might actually be the origin story of “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. ...Now, it's said that Silas wants to rise again. Regain his power, wreak havoc on the world."

"It's not just any rock. ...Right, long story short, once upon a time, there was a witch named Silas who loved a girl. Wanted to be with her forever. So, he and his best friend, another witch, made an immortality spell and then Silas's best friend witch got jealous and killed Silas's girl before he had a chance to make her immortal. Cursed with an eternity without the one he loves, Silas finds a way to reverse the immortality spell and then before he has a chance to take it, his former friend buries him underground. Leaving him, and the cure, to rot. ...Human blood is the life force of an immortal. No more immortality; no more need to feed on blood. You dig up Silas and you've got your cure."

Well, that's quite a different spin. In the first story, bringing up Silas is associated with him wanting to regain power and cause destruction. In the second version, it's about salvation and about losing power (becoming human again). That's... interesting.

Yay! April freed Rebekah! I was hoping all those references/connections would go somewhere. I loved Jeremy and Bonnie in this episode, too. Actually, I thought the whole episode was really great.

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I am tired of Stefan and Caroline. So tired, and the whole thing with Damon and Elena too, skeevy, but also - Shane is obviously in the know SOMEHOW.


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