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Smallville: Bloodline

This show has been so awesome this season. Strong characterization on Clark and Lois, wonderful budding relationship as well. And Chloe is getting a powerful plotline of her very own. Bringing Oliver back has worked so well, and I've been loving Tess Mercer's character.

All in all, very fab.

I was considering having deeper thoughts, but then got distracted by... well, let's just say that as much as I loved SV? That's about how much I was hating SPN tonight.


There were, admittedly, good things about this most recent episode of SPN.

However, I found all of them to be overshadowed by the character of Hope being raped for a solid month and none of the cast seeming to notice that what was happening. "What's wrong with getting what we want?" the guy asks. It wasn't what Hope wanted. You never asked her. And the 'boys' never make any mention of it in the episode. When he asks why he should take the wish back, they tell him it's because the wishes go south and they say that the relationship of her 'loving him more than anything' isn't functional.

No, it isn't, because it's rape. A whole entire month of rape.

It's the AprilBot/Warren-Katrina plotline from BtVS with none of the awareness of what taking away that kind of willingness actually means. It's rape.

How can Sam be aware that perving on naked women in the shower is disgusting and wrong (and be willing to say it) and not recognize that about the central 'relationship' of the episode (even calling it that gives me a sick feeling, because that's about as far from a real relationship as you can get)?

You know what? Fuck it. Fuck this show. I wanted to keep it giving chances to redeem itself, in large part because my roommates love it, but...

Fuck it. I'm not watching this shit anymore. I'm going to stick to shows where women actually get counted as people.
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