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Smallville Season Premiere: Odyssey

I really loved this episode, actually. I have a theory about Chloe's brain boost -- it happened when she interacted with Brainiac last season. Otherwise, though, it wouldn't make much sense. If it isn't Brainiac-related, then she's completely unique among the meteor mutants with having two powers, which edges her into "not even pretending she's a real character instead of a convenient plot device" territory.

Lois was awesome! We got to see her undercover twice and face off with the person who looks to be the face of LuthorCorp this season, which is so great. And her scenes with Clark were wonderful! I'm looking forward to their interactions so much. *hearts*

Speaking of Clark, I really enjoyed his plot as well. I loved how Oliver refused to give up. And that they used Aquaman effectively, which is always an issue. Black Canary was also very good this time around. I'm really liking the looks of that whole plotline. Plus, Clark deciding that he needs to move forward is great! If the rest of the season lives up to the promise of this episode, I'm really going to love it.

Supernatural Season Premiere: Lazarus Rising

For me, the saving grace of this episode is what happens at the end. Sam still working with Ruby made me so happy, I cannot even express how happy I am. And Dean's meeting with the 'angel' (I reserve my judgment) was also pretty awesome. I liked that character.

Not so happy with Sam turning into Dean in his brother's absence or the gratuitous slapping of the female demon. So, reserving judgment.

I liked the way Dean was greeted by Bobby and Sam. Not sure how I feel about the recategorization of Bobby as 'the closest thing I have to a father' (which may have happened last year, but I may have been distracted by how much I hated Dean at that point). I don't think that John Winchester was a very good father, but I don't want him white-washed out of Dean's life, either.

Bones: The Finger in the Nest

I was heartbroken by Angela and Jack's break-up. Seriously, I was crying. I was glad to see that both of them remain professional last week, but also that we got to see emotional fallout this week. Sweets is love. I really like him. I was glad to see Parker again.

The main plotline of this episode made me cry. I'm with the Dog Whisperer and Brennen -- it's not the dog's fault, it's the master's. Unlike Brennen, though, I knew that the dog would be put down. He killed someone -- no way Brennen would get to keep him. It's sad, though. I was totally crying at the end.

House Season Premiere: Dying Changes Everything

I was so glad to see Wilson walk away from House (and the hospital) at the end of the episode. I was thrilled about his reasons. That was the actual thing that made Amber different than everyone else who has ever cared about Wilson -- she insisted that Wilson take care of himself before he tried taking care of her (because she's fully capable of taking care of herself).

I liked his implicit rejection of the hypocrisy that the staff engaged in last year, by saying that no one at the hospital even liked Amber. I liked him very much throughout the episode and that gives me hope for the coming season.

Fringe: The Same Old Story

Hmm. I still like Peter and Olivia a lot and am enjoying Walter, but the plotline was... hmm. Are we going to have a woman in her underwear in every episode of this show?
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