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I can understand Dean objecting to 'the ends justify the means' (I often object to the philosophy myself), but to base that objection on whether or not someone is a virgin feeds into countless years of misogynistic thinking that pisses me off past the telling.

Dean has shown himself fully capable of understanding the concept of someone sacrificing their life to save many others. Hell, he was willing to pull the trigger on Madison (though Sam got there first), who volunteered to die for exactly the same reason that Nancy did -- to save lives. And Madison was an innocent -- she didn't ask to turn into a werewolf and never wanted to be a danger to anyone.

But she wasn't a virgin and apparently that's still the official measure of virtue in the Supernatural universe.

On a slightly different note, I really hate that they killed Henriksen. I'm not so annoyed about the killing of Nancy because I feel a cold sort of joy about Dean's plan being a failure and acting as if one virgin mattered more than thirty other people ending up with the virgin dead anyway (despite really enjoying Nancy as a character -- she was brave and cool and I really liked her -- but, you know what, I'm a virgin and that doesn't mean that I don't have the right to sacrifice my life in the defense of others if I so choose. Just because she's never had sex doesn't mean Dean gets to strip her of her agency.). If Dean... if Dean just hadn't framed it in terms of 'but she's a virgin; she's never been laid; we can't kill her', I would not have... well, there would be no wellspring of anger.

There was a lot I enjoyed about the episode. I adored Bela and Ruby. Loved Ruby's disgust with Dean's attitude. Loved everything with Henrickson. Loved Sam. Love the Sam and Dean relationship.

I'm uncertain about how I feel about Lilith, as she makes the third Creepy Little Girl for this season. Liked the actress and I'm glad that they didn't go for sex appeal on the big bad, but... are little girls really that creepy? Much more effective as a shock/surprise when it isn't overused.
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